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Euthanasia, Murder Or A Blessing? Essay

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Euthanasia has raised controversy in the United States because of different views on societal, cultural, and religious ethics. Euthanasia is the killing of a person to end either horrible pain, slow death, or even some coma victims that have been in a vegetative state of a considerable amount of time. Even though I believe that euthanasia is murder, it should not be looked down upon because death should be a right for the victims and their families. The other side of the argument claims that it is immoral to kill even those who are suffering because it is God's decision who lives and who dies. Both sides of this ongoing debate have some compelling arguments.
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The only state in the United States of America that legally allows assisted suicide is Oregon, and it is one of only three places in the world where euthanasia and assisted suicide is legal. Many states, such as Arizona, California, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin are currently trying to pass bills that would allow assisted suicide to be legal in their states. This is California's sixth time advocating for assisted suicide. They have tried to have the bill passed since 1988, it is almost identical to the assisted suicide laws currently in effect in Oregon. The bill includes that all state facilities should refer to assisted suicide as "aid-in-dying". This is the same bill that was not passed in June 2006.
There have been many legal cases wrestling with the concept of assisted suicide throughout the United States, such as WASHINGTON et al. v. GLUCKSBERG et al. This court case occurred when four doctors from Washington, who often work with terminally ill and dying patient, along with non-profit euthanasia advocate groups, filed a suit against the state of Washington. They stated that the ban of euthanasia is unconstitutional. They based their statement on the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause, which states that a mentally competent person has a right to choose assisted suicide over waiting to dye. The state law that banned assistant suicide was recalled because of its contradiction to the constitution.
Just as there are the euthanasia advocates, there are the detractors of euthanasia that believe that it is giving the right to kill to doctors. Doctors and other medical care personnel take oaths to uphold the values of life. Allowing them to create death would devalue the oath of which they are supposed to uphold. Those who are "anti-euthanasia" believe that allowing euthanasia to continue will be the begging of a "slippery slope" in which euthanasia would be used more loosely. As of May 1, 2006 Dignitas, a swiss suicide practice, announced that they planned on opening a series of walk-in clinics for those trying to commit suicide. Doctor Ludwig Minelli, the founder of Dignitas believes that those attempting suicide should be told the best way to kill themselves. These clinics would not be limiting their patients to the dying or terminally ill, rather for those with mental conditions. Minelli states, "if they choose to die, they should be helped to do it properly." and that "We never say no". This man has devalued human life and should not be allowed to carry the title of doctor. He makes...

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