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European Essay

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After exploring in Epcot located in Orlando, Florida, I came across a stone with the face of something significant. It was a hot day in Florida with a temperature of 87 degrees. Walking to the water fountain I stumbled upon this piece of stone located near a storm drain. At first I wasn’t sure if it belonged to someone so I proceeded to getting a drink from the fountain and went back with my family. Noticing that nobody had picked it up yet so I went over to the stone and picked it up and showed my entire family. After showing my family members there were employees right near us who heard us talking about it at Epcot knew what the stone was. Once the employee heard us talking I began to ask questions such as, “What is it, Who uses it, How much is it, etc.” The employee then began answering all the questions and seemed very passionate about the stone. This ...view middle of the document...

When praying with the stone you would need to have it folded between your hands. This item was very important to the Europeans who believed strongly in the God’s. After hearing all this information I was in shock that I found it on the ground near a storm drain. This item was something important to the Europeans. When attending services you needed this and for prayer. The individual who lost theirs couldn’t participate in any ceremonies or personal prayer until theirs was retrieved or purchased a new one.
This item was very significant to Europeans. Participating in prayer and attending services is something religious people look forward to. When having a rough day people speak with which, ever God they believe in and ask for mercy or forgiveness. Being able to speak with someone who will listen and guide you in the right direction is something people like doing. God’s will guide you in the right direction and contribute to you having an amazing afterlife. This significant item shows how important believing in a God is to Europeans and shows that they do believe that their actions on earth with further proclaim there after life. This item shows that there is much more to just praying and going to church and that believing in something can change the way people live there lives.
After this experience of finding the stone and thoroughly understanding the true meaning and value of the stone it helped me understand other religions other than my own. I am Catholic and do attend church every week and do pray daily. Learning about a new culture/religion is very interesting because you get to see the way others go on with everyday life. Finding this object made me realize that different religions although different often do the same things and believe in the same things. Although some do it in different ways the sentimental value is still present. This stone of the face of the God let me understand how serious religious life is taken in Europe.

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