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Euro Disney Paris Essay

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Case Discussion Questions

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What assumptions did Disney make about the tastes and preferences of French consumers? Which of these assumptions were correct? Which were not?

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How might Disney have had a more favorable initial experience in France? What steps might it have taken to reduce the mistakes associated with the launch of Euro-Disney?

3. -------------------------------------------------
In retrospect, was France the best choice for the location of Euro-Disney?

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This assumption was correct because average duration of the stay in the park is 1 or 2 days by majority of the visitors. Due to this the hotels remained half-vacant throughout the year.

When the Euro-Disney first opened in France, the economic trend of the country is in recession. Similar trends also occurred in other European countries. As a result the disposal income of the European is significantly declined.
Disney has not anticipated the cultural differences, purchasing behavior and preferences that exist between the European especially french. The entire theme is a based on the American model. The French intellectuals quoted it as a cultural Chernobyl. They considered the Disney as a cultural invasion of American culture into Europe. The Disney might have studied their cultural difference and changed their ethnocentric approach while formulating strategies.
When it came for marketing Disney differentiated itself as typical-American style as a symbol of extravagance and bigness. The marketing would have been more successful if the Disney has concentrated on the emotional aspect by creating an image about experience one can get is unique and extra-ordinary. More over the management didn’t handle the public relation well.
The steps that might overcome the problems associated with the launch of Disney are:
Price: Disney should have reduced their price because of the ongoing recession the per capita income has reduced tremendously.
Internal Marketing. The internal marketing error was implementing American team model into France. Right after few weeks of opening of Disney 10% of the employees left because of the misfit into the American workplace style. The dress code and other things basically violated the French labor laws.
Advertising. The original advertising campaigns were aimed at children and featured Mickey or Pluto introducing the rides and parades on offer inside the park. This had worked in America, where many adults had themselves visited a Disney theme park as children. In Europe, however, the Disney brand was associated with magazines, films and toys, not with a day...

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