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Eurasian: The New Face Of Asia

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Keri Birmingham
Professor Jee Yoon Lee
UW20 Asian American Experience
December 9,2011
Eurasian: The New Face of Asia

My project is to prove that Eurasians are becoming the new face of Asia through the entertainment industry and mainstream media. Mixed-race models, musicians, and actors of Asian and Caucasian descent are becoming well known in Asian pop-culture such as Maggie Q, Sirinya Winsiri, and Karen Mok. Although, in the past Eurasians born in East Asia were perceived as children of subjugated Asian women that were shamefully dominated by Western imperialists in history, they are now viewed as internationally ideal. To elucidate, foreign imperialism to East Asia has ...view middle of the document...

This metaphor was challenged by multiculturalism, where cultural differences within society are preserved and remain distinct and so, the mixing of people was then associated with the assimilation of immigrants to American culture. After all, racial categories are universally preferred and if you you’re not one or the other, what are you? However, for the international corporate world, the White-Asian mix is a trendy fusion that appeals to both America and Eastern Asia, the richest regions in the world. Eurasians flood the East Asian media, making up 60% of the Bangkok Entertainment industry and stars like Karina Suwandi, Dennis Oh, Maggie Q, Karen Mok, and Jennifer Seeto are celebrated for their mixed race ethnicity (Beech). To modeling agencies, Eurasians personify the “global look,” which is important for international appeal (Beech). There are different theories for the Eurasian craze such as, the world getting smaller and businesses expanding, and the demand for a one-size-fits all face that will sell products. Also, mixed-race people are perceived as a novelty and overall have been judged as “more beautiful” than the “pure” race according to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail (Hope). This standard of beauty has been shaped by the mainstream media in both the Western and Eastern world, causing Asians to aspire to look like the Eurasian cover model by surgically altering their eye shape, nose, breasts, in order to achieve a more Western appearance like the European-Asian mixed people. However, this fascination with Western beauty and Eurasians has been established over time from Europe’s imperialism and colonization over Asia in history and North American influence over Asia’s economy.


In the late fifteenth-century, Europe’s imperialism to Asia begins with its series of voyages to China. With this, economic ties develop to open Eastern Asia to the North Atlantic. Western influences are established when Asia is transformed and converts its economy from feudalism to capitalism. However, with this new authority, a distinct separation between races defines Europe’s superiority and power over the Chinese, as Western foreigners exploit East Asia sexually and for its resources. Overall, the imperialist’s dominance over Asia creates the illusion of the Asian mystique. East Asia is then identified as an exotic land of paradise that indulges sensual erotic fantasies and so, the Eurasian is born from the subjection of Asian women. This practice of producing Eurasian offspring was also a means by which Western people could control the Asian population, as the hybrids were included into North Atlantic society.


Interracial relations were a ‘forbidden fruit’ to the East and West and perhaps this was why the Eurasian was born, but for most, crossing the racial barrier was a betrayal to one’s lineage and ethnicity (Moran 61). Westerners portrayed Asia as a land of bliss, where...

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