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Eu Integration Essay

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As exemplified by The European Union (EU), regional economic integration is replete with political, economic, and cultural danger. Discuss through the use of valid, real-life examples

A regional economic integration, is when a certain number of nations, agree to reduce or eliminate economic barriers (and in certain levels of integration non-economic barriers as well), in order to create an adequate atmosphere between them for the flow of goods, services and factors of production. There are 5 levels of economic integration and the bigger the level is, the bigger the danger is. The EU is the biggest economic integration in the world because they have created an economic and monetary Union. ...view middle of the document...

Finally, we are going to look close to the cultural dangers that have erased or mixed some of the cultural and national values with other countries.

As we said before, the EU is a result of a huge political problem which was World War II. Members of the EU, have many different political systems. For example UK’s political system is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system but if we take a look at France’s political system, it’s a constitutional republic with a semi-presidential system. Regional economic integration has brought down political barriers between the members and now they have to share a common political system. When there is any crisis, conflicts of interest rise between members and the system becomes unstable. One of the first problems that the EU had to face was during the creation of the treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe. This Constitution promotes democracy and peace amongst the nations involved. As reported during an interview, when France rejected the treaty through the referendum, it was evident that there was a conflict between internal politics and European politics (“France rejects E.U.,” 2005). This rejection led to the rejection of the same treaty in the Netherlands and further consequences were that some other countries started to feel afraid and the process of making the treaty a reality, being slow. Regional economic integration works based on democracy so the people can vote and take decisions. When there is a query in the regional economic integration, every country has the right to vote. But how does the voting system work in the E.U.?
Legislative power is divided in two sections: The first one is the council, which represents each of the 27 nations in the EU. Each nation is allocated to a certain number of votes inside the council according to the size of the country.
The second one is the parliament, which is the one that represents the people. It’s composed of 766 members, who are elected by the people every 5 years, being the second largest parliament in the world; every country is allowed to have a certain number of seats in the parliament. So, every country has a different level of influence inside the EU, which has led to question the difference, in terms of influence, that each country has in the legislative power in this regional integration.
Another clear example of the conflict of interest inside the EU is the Balkan countries difficulty to get involved in the union. In 2009, the EU was demanding a certain number of reforms to be applied inside the Bosnian country in order to start the agreements between Bosnia and the EU. But Bosnia was going through some internal political issues in which the Bosnian Serb entity had been blocking the reforms, because it would give more power to the central state (Sarajevo). (Europe: a stuck region; the western Balkans, 2009). So as we can see here, when we have a regional economic integration, countries economies are extremely dependent...

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