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Ethnographic Comparison Essay

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Ethnographic Comparison

Keelymarie Rothgaber
February 17, 2015
Module 5 Assignment 1

The societies that I have chosen was Italian and German and the human culture aspect I have decided to use was domestic life and kinship. The reason why I chose domestic life and kinship was because Cultural anthropology plays a big part in how we choose to interact and live our lives differently in different cultures. Anthropology can be an interesting way to evaluate groups or individuals progress or expectations. Kinship is relationships with your family and anthropology plays a part by observing how it has changed and what makes it different from culture to culture and why. Domestic life is ...view middle of the document...

The countries that border Germany are Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech and a few others. In Germany it is very important to have a high priority on privacy, punctuality and structure. They are also known for their hard work, thriftiness, and industriousness. Germans strive for perfection and precision throughout every aspects of their lives. They would rarely admit that they did something wrong or were at fault, and they never hand out compliments to others.
Marriage in Italy has changed drastically, from having an arranged marriage to being as it is in the United States. Most Italians marry except in some families there is a custom that at least one child remains unmarried so that can take care of their elderly members and aged parents. It was until recently where divorce was forbidden. Domestic family is the basic household family, some have their relatives live with them and it is usually two or more families living together. It is also very common for a newly married couple to live with the bride’s family until they are more financially stable to live on their own. In theory the man was the ruler of the home while the wife was a stay at home worker, doing all the house work and taking care of the children but as times have changes so has the family, more than often both partners work outside the home.
Families in Italy are very famous by being very big and loud, the relationships are often members of both sides of the family. They also see everyone as family as long as they share a blood line, they don’t make an individual feel less important or more important based on who their parents are or how close to the nuclear family they are. Generally, a male feels closest for many reasons to his mother's sisters and their kin. These kin traditionally protected him from the father's side, traditionally the side of "justice" as opposed to "mercy" and unmitigated love. 
Germans marriages are individualistic love matches, and mostly they are in the same class, religious background, and ethnicity. They don’t stray too much out of their own family values. Germans mostly live in their own nuclear family and once in a while they meet up with other relatives in annual festivities. Divorce is very common in Germany so they are trying to postpone their marriages until after they reach the age of 35. The school systems differ from each state but they are usually split between going to a university or to a vocational school after their primary school years. Voc takes about nine years along with part time training and the university requires humanistic gymnasium and completion of a university exam. Germany has a highly differentiated System of higher education, including sixty-two universities and technical colleges in former West Germany and fifty-four in former East Germany.
One social problem in Italy is poverty, because of the extended families living in Italy more and more of them are living together because they...

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