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Ethnocentrism Essay

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Most people take pride in where they come from. We’re accustomed to a certain way of living and feel comfortable with where we originated. Our lineage is a big part of our lives, but it can also cause problems in understanding other people. Our ethnicity can cause a lot of conflict and change how we interact with people. It’s been a trend since the beginning of time to be wary of people that are different from you. And while ethnocentrism has caused many problems throughout history, there is a silver lining to most every way of thinking.
It’s easy to be focused on a group of people that act, look, and talk like you do. Most places in the world have one or two different kinds of ethnicities, especially before modern technology in transportation ...view middle of the document...

At its worst, ethnocentrism can cause us to do drastic and horrible things like murder, genocide, and violent acts. With any group of people there’s bound to be extremists and they’re the ones that will try to convince the rest that their feelings and actions are justified. From the first US settlers to Nazi Germany there is horrible treatment against people that just look different from another group of people. While feeling pride in your ethnicity, and being uncomfortable around a different group of people is understandable; the violent acts committed by these groups of people is repulsive. There’s no excuse to being so closed minded to think that a certain race of people has less of a right to live than you do.
Though on the flip side, ethnocentrism can cause unity amongst your people. It builds a deeper and richer culture when everyone of your ethnic group feels more comfortable with each other. Having a similar upbringing, liking the same things, and having a meaningful history that’s important to everyone of your own race is fulfilling for people. It’s like being in an extended family that’s always looking to take you in. Seeing a stranger and a friendly face at the same time can do a lot for your social behaviors. Just because you prefer and feel more comfortable with your own race doesn’t mean you have to be hateful towards other ones either.
I’d say the negatives of ethnocentrism outweigh the positives, especially in the world we live in now. There are a lot of different people in this world, and our ethnicity doesn’t change the way we are as much as it used to. Being open minded in life can save you a lot of grief and social problems. So while there’s nothing wrong with having pride in your own race, you can’t let it keep you from enjoying all kinds of people.

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