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Ethnocentrism Essay

2000 words - 8 pages



: Ferwanto

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: Jakarta, November 24th 1987


: Male


: Buddha


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Education and Training

: SMP Kristen Ketapang II, Binus high school, Binus
International University, major in Marketing badge 2009


: Quick learner, emotion stability, quick adaptable, kind



Original journal

Consumer decision-making styles on
domestic and imported brand clothing
The Authors
Cheng-Lu Wang, Department of Marketing & International Business, University of
New Haven, West Haven, USA
Noel Y.M. Siu, ...view middle of the document...

The country-of-origin effect (COE) research, mostly conducted
in more developed countries, has revealed that consumers have a general preference for
domestic-made products over foreign products, particularly when information about the
product is lacking (Bilkey and Nes, 1982; Damanpour, 1993; Elliott and Camoron, 1994;
Wall and Heslop, 1986, 1989). The import statue of apparel

products, for instance, was found to have an impact on consumer perception of the
quality of clothing brands (Dickerson, 1982; Morganosky and Lazarde, 1987). In
particular, the image of quality associated with imported clothing was found to be
significantly lower. There seems to be a positive correlation between domestic product
evaluations and the level of economic development of the country of origin (Gaedeke,
1973; Toyne and Walters, 1989; Wang and Lamb, 1983).
However, a reversal pattern of the COE can often be observed in less developed
countries, where consumers may have a preference for imported brands as opposed to
domestic brands (Agbonifoh and Elimimian, 1999; Li et al., 1997; Marcoux et al., 1997;
Wang et al., 2000). This is more likely to be seen when the imported product is related
to conspicuous consumption (Marcoux et al., 1997; Piron, 2000). Motivated by a desire
to impress others with their ability to pay particularly high prices for prestige products,
consumers are inspired by the social rather than the economic or physiological utility of
products (Mason, 1981). This is not confined to the leisure class but prevails over all
social and income classes from richest to poorest (Mason, 1981; Basmann et al., 1988).
Fashion clothing, for example, is a product which is especially conspicuous and status
revealing (Schiffman and Kanuk, 1994).
In China, imported products are often associated with high fashion or high social status
(Bow and Ford, 1993; Li and Gallup, 1995; Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Research Department, 1994). Recent research has shown that the “nouveau riche”,
yuppies and consumers with stronger hedonistic values are especially susceptible to the
appeal of foreign products (Cui, 1999; Wang et al., 2000). Research conducted by the
Chinese Commercial Information Center has shown that the ten most famous brand
names captured more than 50 percent of the total market share in underwear, jeans and
male shirts in August 2000 (Hong Kong Trade Development Council Research Center,
2000). It appears that brand consciousness is becoming increasingly important in
Chinese consumers’ mentality. Although domestic brand clothing products have a
competitive advantage in terms of price, they are still less stylish and have lower brand
recognition when compared to imported brands.
Given the huge market potential but highly diverse consumer demand for imported as
well as domestic clothing in China, it is imperative for multinational marketers to
differentiate market segments and identify the areas with most...

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