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Ethnic Notions Essay

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Journal #1- Sept. 20 The Coat of Arms was an exercise that expressed our thoughts that are not apparent from the outside. This gave us some background on all the students in our class and will make us realize why they feel the way they do about certain subjects. We will be discussing many controversial topics in the next ten weeks so we will need to be able to talk about them in a professional manner. This exercise was very helpful in doing this.Journal #2- Sept. 24 I believe caring, trust, and teamwork are the most important factors in building a successful community. Caring starts from the family life. If you have a family who cares for you, one will also learn why this is ...view middle of the document...

Many times in a community, individuals can cause many problems for others. When teamwork becomes a major characteristic in a community, some of these individuals my think otherwise, because of there fellow peers. I believe these three main ideas can help build a strong and successful community.Journal #3- Sept. 26 This book is best book I ever have read for an assignment. I actually enjoy reading it. It doesn't even feel like a task. The community in this novel is very bizarre. The whole community is focused around the rules Grandpa Herman made up. These rules are terrible. It is almost like he is taking his old angers out on everyone else. Most of his rules are inhumane. The only reason he has these rules is because none of them apply to him. He does nothing wrong. Yeah right, except for wearing false teeth. For this action I believe he should be put in grave for two nights! I am very curious to see how the rest of the novel is going to unravel. I wonder if certain individuals will fight back or even leave the community. If this does not happen, I will be very surprised.Journal #4- Sept. 28 Our discussion today was very intriguing. It made me look deeper into the book than I ever would have. Our "newly forming community" is really making a lot of good observations. I enjoy listening and participating in these discussions. In my opinion, the biggest set back in this community is everyone's uncertainty. The only reason they still believe in Herman is because they know nothing else. Therefore, they need to grow some balls and realize what is really out there. They all fall back on each other, they need to start falling forward and realizing what grandpa is really...

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