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Ethnic 2011 Index Essay

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MODULE 1 ACCOUNTING AND SOCIETY 1.05 1.05 Part A: Ineraction with society Depictions of A/cting Depiction=描述 Defeating depictions defeat =挫败 Fig 1.1 new bean counter How to become professional? 3 aspects 1.06 Recruiting the best Beard(1994),Smith and Briggs(1999) and Simnik and Felton(2006) Friedman& Lyne(2001);Albrecht and Sack(2000);Coate et al.(2003) Jeacle: colourful accountant linked to corporate collapses 1.07 Moral agency Biddle(2006) Value creation - key to maintain high standards Moral agent - refer to individual making moral judgement for others Moral agent theory based on concept " act appropriotely and professionally" 1.08 ...view middle of the document...


Capability cosiderations Technical and soft skills, knowledge and expericens Business leadership capabilities 2 categories - technicl and soft * only regarded as professional when one has usfficient capabilities to make complex and difficulty professional judgement and advise others of judgement Technical skills, knowledge and experience(TSKE) list 6 activities 1.14 Soft skills, knowledge and experience(SSKE) list 8 activities - about ppl. And related issues TSKE and SSKE - Career perspectives Early yrs career - TSKE Later yrs career - SSKE

READING 1.1 How "soft skills" can boos your career? 1.15 A/cting roles, activities and relationships Relationships and roles - In general *Roles and relationships of accountant* A/cting environments --- list few accounting positions The professional accountant in business PAIB - contemporary roles and main activities of prof. Accountant in business 1.16 Accountants employed in the large business environment list work involved in large company READING 1.2 "The strategic accountant" 1.18 Public practice - A/cting firm envionment -- activities 2 reasons why SMEs choose SMPs READING 1.3 Public practice: Firm of the future 1.19 A/cting - Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) meaning of SME -- IFAC (2010) EU/USA 1.20 Accountant is important in SMEs as internal employee/external adviser List of SMEs accountant activities (1)Managerial consultation, including organisation mission etc. (2)long/short term budget/reporting system (3)board report and yr end accounts (4)formal reporting,including tax regulation etc. (5)monthly account, reporting, budgeting and forecasting (6)local tax and advisory work 1.20 Accountants employed in SMEs Fig 1.2

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(7)a/cting standard (8)project advice Q1.2 outline 4 a/cting-related roles with SME and identify task for each role answer : any 4 from list for SMEs activities above 1.21 IFAC research on accountants employed in SMEs IFAC PAIB report released for 2 reasons. Conduct in Mid-size enterprises READING The crucial roles of Professional Accountants in Business in Mid-size Enterprise Q1.3 refer READING --ME or SME? How to add value to business Accountants as external advisers to SMEs 97%, 67%, 6.5% 1.23 Ethics -Introduction Ethics 'defined'? Basic Definition: Oxford V. Chambers 1.24 Further Complexity: accurate FR/Environmental Issure/Employee … Ethics and morals Morals - Personal philosophies, NOT agreed, NOT likely reliable Ethics - Agreed outcome to achieve to good outcomes Business Ethics - Lowest lvl (same as Ethics) Higest lvl: Prof.Ethics Prof.Ethics - based on experience/must be written /studies/understood Skakeholders and business ethics Business Ethics helps to identify standard, resolve conflicts. Sources of ethical guidelines Prof. Ethics =code of ethics/ethics framework/prof.conduct code 1.26 Mintz(1992) - Prof. Ethics is a system /code of conduct What is prof. ethics for accountant? Applying ethics...

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