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Ethics Week 5 Essay

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Health Department
Chamberlain College Of Nursing



SUBJECT: Ethical And Responsible Indications For Organ Delegation

1. Patients who are in need of Heart transplantation must have need due to life or death scenarios in conjunction with quality of life dynamics. In the Utilitarian view one will make this decision based on how many people are affected both in a negative and positive outcome. The goal or initiative of this decision is to provide a heart to the recipient who has the best chances of survival, also who exhibit health habits in correlation with proper heart health, such as normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels all of which affects heart health.
2. John Stuart a Utilitarian states that individual rights of a person is the most important thing when making difficult ethical decisions. In this instance, the recipient ...view middle of the document...

b. Past Medical History
c. Proximity of hearth to recipient
These three criteria’s should be used to help guide the decision making process and should not be used as the sole determining factor for heart transplant cases being that every case is unique and may include issues that are not part of the norm.

4. In the case of the 4 recipients in need of a heart transplant only one can benefit due low supply and high demand.
According to our criteria’s I have selected Dr. Dole. My explanation is better manifested in exclaiming why the others were not selected.
Jerry, who is 55 years old has only one criteria that excludes him and that is his age, all though he has no negative health history he is oldest out of all the recipients. Other should be given the opportunity to live as long as he has.
Lisa who is 12 years old in age would have been the ideal candidate based on her age but unfortunately she suffers from life-long health issues, which would not be beneficial in terms of the utilitarian view. To give a heart to a sickly person would not be wise, being that chances of death is higher than the other recipients. If she was the only recipient maybe this would be possible.
Ozzy at this point has not demonstrated interest in caring for his body. Many if not all illicit drugs affect the heart in some form or fashion so providing the heart to Ozzy will not be wise at this time.
Finally we have Dr. Doe who is quite young being 35 years old, no negative medical history. Both of these criteria’s have been met in a way that makes him the ideal candidate. Although not apart of our stated criteria’s his being an oncologist gives some assurance that he will continue to be a contributing health care worker to provided health and increase quality of life for individuals with cancer. In other words, his contribution to society is held at a highly esteemed manner.

Ruggiero, V., & Ruggiero, V. (1992). Thinking critically about ethical issues (3rd ed.). Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield.

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