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Ethics Today Essay

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Ethics Today
Ethics plays an important role not only in people’s life but also in the workplace. What is the definition of ethics? “The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group.” Over the last few decades, the study of ethics has changed in different ways. We now face many ethical dilemmas as society evolves and technology plays a big role in the way we do business.
The ethics field of study has changed over the last 30 years. Companies have to deal with organizations monitoring the behavior that is executed while doing business. These organizations create rules and ...view middle of the document...

Companies have to be concerned with ethical decisions that hurt the environment. They must ensure they are morally responsible and have set values by which employees should abide. Another main challenge is ensuring employees - as well as customers - are treated fairly and equally when providing products and services. Because we are so technologically driven nowadays, companies have to be aware of the attention they draw on the internet. With the use of social media websites, it is difficult to avoid scandals from occurring in a high scale; many malicious remarks are trusted even if the reader never had any negative experience with the company.
Companies struggling with business ethics today are definitely dealing with different challenges than in the past decades. That being said, we do seem to have many ways of ensuring that businesses are mindful of their actions. This also applies to individuals as well, because their actions can have positive or negative impacts in society. In my opinion, respect plays the most important role in making ethical decisions in your personal life as well as work environment. Due to all the safeguards in place ensuring business ethics are enforced, we can be assured that companies and consumers will enjoy a prosperous future through good business practices.  
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