Ethics Reflection Paper Str 581 Week 1

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Ethics Reflection Paper
STR 581

Ethics Reflection Paper
A company is defined by its mission; the mission in turn is a company’s approach to social responsibility. Serving several groups of stakeholder is never easy, each group has its own set of interests and expectations of a company. Through several steps a company can identify, understand, reconcile and coordinate the demands to define its social responsibility.
Ethics and Social Responsibility
“Corporate social responsibility is the idea that a business has a duty to serve society in general as well as the financial interests of its stakeholders.”(Pearce, 2013, p. 52) Dividing the stakeholders into two distinct groups, internal ...view middle of the document...

“Only recently have business leaders begun to get a clearer understanding of the appropriate role of CSR and its effect on financial performance (Pearce, 2013, p. 70). The role of ethics is of great consideration to many firms trying to find this balance.
Ethical standards vary across the globe, however some legislation actually enforces ethics within an organization. “Ethics refers to the moral principles that reflect society’s belief about actions of an individual or group that are right or wrong” (Pearce, 2013, p.78). A company’s credibility is based upon the moral and ethical standards it projects. Ethical conduct is also used within an organization to provide guidance to staff, reduce legal liability and promote consistency (Pearce, 2013). The utilitarian approach of ethics focuses on providing the greatest amount of good for the largest amount of people. Making a decision of maintaining rights of individuals and groups some managers may use the moral rights approach. Equity is at the core of the social justice approach. “By choosing proper behaviors, employees help to build an organization that can be respected and economically viable in the long-run” (Pearce, 2013, p. 84).
Ethical Perspective
As I advance in my studies I have learned how to no longer think like an employee, but a manager. Changing my ethical perspective to work toward becoming a exemplary role model with...

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Ethics Reflection Paper

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