Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper
July 13, 2015
Professor Carlos Pineda

Ethics Reflection Paper
The purpose of this paper is to explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan, considering stakeholders needs. Included, in this paper will be a reflection on the author’s ethical perspective and how it has evolved. Ethics plays an essential role in both the business and social environment. Ethics reflects the morale beliefs and principles that demonstrate society’s opinion of an action performed by a group or individual that are considered right or wrong (Pearce & Robinson, 2013).
Ethics and Social Responsibility
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The goal for all organizations is to earn and preserve viability via long term profitability. Social responsibility encounters both cost and benefits for organization therefore, it is deemed as a vital component in business relationships. Managers and executives consider social responsibility an integral element of an organizations success and it is for this reason that organizations continue to encounter the pressure of providing social responsibility while continuing to maximizing stockholder worth (Pearce & Robinson, 2013).
Ethics and Strategic Plan
Ethics and social responsibility play a compelling role in an organizations strategic plan and decision making process (Pearce & Robinson, 2013). An organizations strategic plan is a paradigm used to develop their ethical standards and guidelines. An organizations mission, vision and value statements are utilized to establish the standards and principles that will be used to develop a strategic plan. A solid strategic plan will consist of an organizations goals and objectives with special attention to incorporating ethics as part of the decision making process.
Furthermore, the development of strategic plan should entail and detail the organizations expectations on how business operations should be conducted and how employees are expected to behave in a professional, ethical, and respectful manner. The take home point according to Pearson and Robinson (2013) is that the values established for employees should highlight that ethics is the number one priority. It is imperative that organizations employ educated senior management that will support their mission, vision and value statements and will make every effort to execute the strategic plan developed for the stakeholders in an ethical manner.
Authors: Ethical Prospective and Growth
Conducting oneself in an ethical manner will allow...

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