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Ethics Program Essay

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Ethics Program

Company X

Part A – Standards and Procedures

Dress Code Policy for Company X

First impressions are significant to our customer relations. Customers will often form an opinion of the Company by appearance of those providing services, and a favorable appearance is required of every employee of Company X.

A professional appearance includes but is not limited to grooming and dress. To maintain the Company’s reputation and image, the Company has established these guidelines.

It is also important to note that anytime employees are representing the Company, they should follow the policy regarding appearance even when those times may fall outside of regular ...view middle of the document...

• Any shirt with a plunging neckline or v-neck, should be complimented with a camisole or undershirt. The camisole or undershirt should provide cleavage coverage.
• Dresses and skirts should be worn at a length that is comfortable and not shorter than knee length when seated.
• Slacks should be worn at the waistline. The bottom of the slacks should not drag the ground.
• Mid-calf capri pants, that are not jean cut, are acceptable.
• Footwear should be limited to dress heels, dress flats, dress boots, and dress loafers. Backless shoes and open-toed shoes are acceptable.
• Accessories and jewelry should be tasteful.
• Visible body and facial jewelry is not permissible.
• Tattoos should not be visible.

Prohibited Items for Male and Female Employees
• Clothing that is ill fitting, excessively tight, or too revealing.
• Spaghetti strap shirts or dresses – unless covered by a blazer, jacket, or sweater.
• Denim clothing of any color.
• T-shirts and sweatpants.
• Cargo pants.
• Shorts or skorts.
• Work or military style boots.
• Sneakers or tennis shoes.
• Flip flops or beach shoes.
• Jeans
• Clothing with any logos, slogans, or religious symbols prominently displayed.
• Short, midriff style shirts that show skin when sitting, bending, walking, or raising arms.
• Clothing that is wrinkled, dirty, or stained.
• Clothing with holes or obvious tatter.

Exceptions for Business Casual Days
• There are times when the Company will permit business casual attire. Employees will be notified in advance of the opportunity to dress casually.
o Medium or dark washed jeans that are free of holes or distress.
o Casual loafers

General Personal Appearance
• The following items are discouraged:
o Excessive cosmetics
• Make-up
• Perfume
• Cologne
• Aftershave
• Dirty or unruly hair
• Wild hairstyles or colors
• Soiled fingernails

To ensure a professional appearance, look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions:
• Is my shirt tag showing?
• Is my shirt buttoned properly?
• Does my shirt gap open between buttons?
• Do I need to use a lint brush on my clothing?
• Do I need to remove pet hair from my clothing?
• Are my shoes free from dirt and mud?
• Are my clothes wrinkled?

This policy does not cover all acceptable or prohibited clothing. Employees must exert a certain amount of judgment in their choice of attire. If you are uncertain about an item of clothing, ask your supervisor before wearing it to work.

In the event that an employee’s attire or grooming falls below the Company’s standards or in any way directly violates the guidelines set forth in this policy, the employee’s supervisor will provide coaching and may require the employee to change before beginning or returning to work. Time away from work for this purpose will be unpaid. If an employee fails to respond to the supervisor’s request or repeatedly violates the initial request, additional disciplinary action up to an...

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