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Ethics Of Red Cross Essay

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Michael B. Boone
Code of Ethics A Look at the American Red Cross
Date: January 25, 2015

The American Red Cross has been known to be one of the most humanitarian organizations in the United States and throughout the world aiding and helping in different series of generous contributions in many disaster areas as well as bringing health care advancement to communities in the Unites States and in the world that need help in development (Dulles, 2014). For an organization it is important to make sure that their values and organizational ethics are reflected in what they do and how they do within the organization as well as the community. ...view middle of the document...

They include,
* Humanity- to bring assistance without discrimination. To prevent and alleviate human suffering where ever it is found.
* Impartiality- It makes no discrimination based on nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.
* Neutrality- the Red Cross does not take sides in war nor give it’s time to political, racial, religious or ideological controversies.
* Independence- the Red Cross is independent, and must always maintain their autonomy.
Through volunteers and donations, the Red Cross has been one of the fore running organizations that assist humanity. They remain true to their ethics and values in giving aid to those in need not requiring or asking for payment of those services.
Although the American Red Cross is a large organization they also follow organization values that support their ethical values Organizations ethical values are what the company bases their goals and standards for work ethic on. When working for an organization it is important that their ethical values match your own. Working for an organization that has ethical values that you do not agree with or do not match with your own can create conflict in the work place, and can make for an uncomfortable situation for the organization and the staff. Most of the values of the American Red Cross resemble the work that they do not only in the communities around the United States but also throughout the world. The Red Cross and its international networks focus on their organizational ethics to provide a mode of fundraising to bring aid to different communities in case of a need or in an area of disaster, by doing so it becomes the community helping it and others once all is said and done thru the Red Cross networks. As the Red Cross continues to grow and the develop of technology the organizations has a social responsibility to obtain and maintain it volunteers as well as the people that assist with donation involve in the development and changes in the organization An organization has a social responsibility in the community to provide good service and morally adequate support to their community. The Red Cross is an organization that globally takes blood donations to better others in need of this service. They have a social responsibility to provide a pleasing environment to their clients and to uphold their ethical policies and standards; this is one of much way the organization maintains the community evolves and also aids the community back.
The culture of an organization plays a major role when it becomes time for an organization to make changes or take any decisions; this is also one of the things that the American Red Cross faces on a constant basis. The effectiveness and efficiency by which an organization makes decisions may make the variance between accomplishment and failure. An organization culture plays a major role in the ethical decision making of the organization. When we are taking of about a small business...

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