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Ethics Of Gaming Essay

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Major advancements in technology have seamlessly connected people across the globe. Video games for instance, have existed since the 1940s. However, game developers have subsequently introduced Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games or MMORPG, where players interact in real time and across borders for collective game activities. It has become whole new platform that facilities geographically separated gamers to interact and form close bonds. Subsequently, it results in new problems evident worldwide.
Most adolescents like to spend at least part of their free time playing video games. But for some, what starts out as innocent recreation can become an addiction. Soon, friends, ...view middle of the document...

As the level of violence in video games has increased, so has concern for the effects on those who play, especially those who play a lot. Many are quick to point out that most school shootings in recent years have been carried out by avid gamers, and their games of choice were always dark and violent. But it begs the question. Which comes first? Can aggressive and violent behavior be attributed to violence in video games? Or do those who play already have violent tendencies which draw them to violent games? Though video games made their appearance in the 1970s, it wasn't until systems like the Sony PlayStation were released in the 1980s that violence became an issue. Along with these more sophisticated systems came the ability to make graphics more lifelike. The more lifelike they've become, the more interest there has been in the correlation between violent games and violent behavior. One of the primary concerns with violence in video games is that gaming is not passive. In order to play and win, the player has to be the aggressor. Rather than watching violence, as he might do on television, he's committing the violent acts. Most researchers acknowledge that this kind of active participation affects a person's thought patterns, at least in the short term. Another factor that concerns both researchers and parents is that violence in video games is often rewarded rather than punished. In army and sniper games, players level up based in part on how many people they kill. If played frequently enough, games like this can skew a young person's perception of violence and its consequences. Though long-term effects haven't been clinically documented, one need only look at the way video game violence has progressively increased over the past two decades to get a sense of potential long-term effects. Parents would be wise to monitor the amount of time their kids spend gaming and watch closely for any negative effects.
While some video games portray gender in an equal and balanced way, many mainstream games still portray women in marginalized, hyper-sexualized and objectified manners due to many different aspects of society and culture. Why is this sexualization of females so prominent in video games? Technology in the past has been culturally and socially linked to masculinity, and women have been discouraged from becoming more efficient with technology due...

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