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Ethics In Psychological Essay

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Ethics in Psychological Research Paper

Lillie Johnson
March 3, 2013
Cindy Fouhy

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Ethics are important when bringing out any kind of psychological research. Before we start a research method, it is necessary that we stick to an ethical code of practice as we will be taking actions with individuals.
Ethics directs to the accurate rules of conduct necessary when bringing out research. We are entitled to defend research partakers from being hurt. British Psychological Society has given a code of ethics in psychology that supply guidelines for the guidance of research. Ethical issues that are important are, informed consent meaning before starting the study the researchers must report to the partakers what the research is about and once they understand ask for their authorization to participate.
Debrief meaning the partakers must be debrief thoroughly at the end of the study. They must be informed if they have been mislead and given reasons why. Protection of participants means researchers should be certain that those involved in research will not be caused distress. They should be defended from mental harm, and physical.
Deception meaning individuals are wrongly prepared about the points of the research. Example, in Milgram's study of obedience the individuals thought they were giving electric shocks to a learner for not answering the question right.
Confidentiality meaning individuals, and the data gathered from them must stay unknown unless full approval is given.

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Discuss the concept of risk/benefit ratio

When taking into account ethical situations a researcher should take into consideration the risk/benefit ratio.”The risk/benefit ratio is a subjective evaluation of the risk to a research participant relative to the benefit both to the individual and to society of the results of the proposed research” (Shaughnessy, Zechmeister,& Zechmeister,pg. 514, 2009).
Psychologists use the APA guide of ethics to help them decide whether an experiment is ethical, this involves animal testing. The guide is a set of guidelines now rather a researcher chooses to abide by those guidelines is a personal choice; there are results if a researcher conducts unethical researcher by this time the injury could have already taken place to the partakers involved.
Through the system of the matter in hand of a research, the risk engaged in animal should be equal with the good of other humans and animals. An experiment should have well intended morals that see into bringing...

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