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Personal Values, ground rules, and ethics vary from person to person. Each person possesses their own carefully crafted set of values, ethics, and ground rules, which shape their lives both personally and professionally. Throughout our lives, we are faced by many challenges and dilemmas that often become the basis for our ethical views, set ground rules for our futures actions, and serve in the development of our personal values. It is this base that provides us with the ability to make decisions that maximize the benefits of a situation while minimizing the possible costs in a personal and professional capacity.
Personal Values, Ground Rules, and Ethics
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Although applying this particular principal can be difficult as it is not a concrete idea, it easily manifests itself through my values which then provde my rules of conduct. Rather, I try to keep in mind the idea that I should only promote that which is truth, treat everyone equally taking into account relevent differences, understand anothers freedom of will and choice, and finally consider that everyone has rights and needs.
Another one of my goals is to perform consistently and with comittment. This means that in additonal to respecting yourself and others, a person must not go back on their word. Integrity also goes hand and hand with this particular attribute. This means that if a situations is difficult, I will not give up but perserve in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome and the one that is most ethical to all parties including myself. In order to maintain this consistency and comittment it is necessary to prioritize and value my time. Quite often priorizing takes into account what situations and tasks mazimze rewards and minimize costs for all parties invloved.
Another factor in my personal values concerns the understanding of my priorties and being able to clarify what is ultimately best for me in each situation. This state of thinking often affects the decisions I make both professionally and personally. I think many people forget about this factor in making ethical decisions, and do not take into account what is best for them. Often times the most ethical decision is not the best for us personally and vice versa, I believe that you must carefully weigh the positives and negatives when making a critical ethical decision.
Religion has also played in important role in the development of my personal values. Through religion, I learned of such ideas such as right and wrong and of the seven deadly sins. I actually tend to think that the seven deadly sins explain unethical behavior as well as the propensity to act ethically. Religion and works based upon the bible such as “The Divine Comedy” would name seven deadly sins that contribute to the downfall of man and the desire to commit illegal acts. Many of these sins also explain or contribute to the unethical behavior often exhibited by individuals, or explain the motive behind these behaviors. The Seven deadly sins are known as “sloth, greed/avarice, lust, gluttony, envy, pride, and wrath.” (Seven Deadly Sins) An astute understanding of these concepts provides me with a base for my behavior and ethical conduct. Greed comes to mind when unethical behavior is concerned, as money is often referred to as the “root of all evil.” The idea of gaining money often fuels or motivates otherwise gentile individuals to commit unethical acts. Sloth also represents unethical behaviors, which would support leisure, for instance working hard to get to the top; only to slack off and take leisure at your position- sitting back while others do all the work. The...

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