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Ethics In Information System Essay

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Technology has affected the population of today at a great extent, whether it is negative or positive. Today’s generation would not last a day without the fancy technology that is integrated in their smartphones, laptops, TVs and most importantly the internet. Technology has also brought forth some important legal issues such as the liability of the person or institution for using their technology either for good reasons or bad. In this report I will be addressing how technology has impacted the quality of our lives, describing the internet service provider’s usage policy while discovering to what extent they are liable for the use of their equipment and foreseeing the future of spam in ...view middle of the document...

Technology enables us to go about our days easily with the innovations in transportation means such as metros, cars, and buses. These are all the positives of technology and they are countless if we are to mention every little benefit technology has presented us with. However, to every good thing a bad thing tags along indefinitely. It is not the fault of the technology that bad things come out, it was always designed to facilitate life and work rather than harm people. Technology such as cars is highly related to air pollution which reduces the quality of the air that we breathe and ultimately harm the humans which have created the technology with breathing and respiratory problems. The availability of Skype and instant messaging such as BBM has further depleted the real life communications of people together. People no longer go out and meet they rather text each other and stay at home. The internet has a large negative downside to itself and that is people use it for all the wrong reasons, they scam people and steal credit cards by hacking to certain sites, identity theft is highly probable as well. While people who use the internet for their work and good purposes, they are preys to others. less time is dedicated to taking care of our health because exercising seems to be a large hassle when you can just sit and surf the web. Therefore, the quality of life has not changed when we balance the negatives and positives, it has much deteriorated from the past generations where they had their chores not facilitated and they were much happy and healthy compared to the generation of today and also the future generations.

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