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Ethics In Educational Management Essay

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Facts of the Case:

There is one Computer College Institution wherein the School Administrator is not just tasked to oversee the school’s operation but was also given the job to market the institution and meet the quota in terms of number of new enrollees. Thus, the School Administrator also handles the marketing department composed of Marketing Manager and course consultant.

The School Administrator was given the directive to conduct monthly evaluation of marketing people based on their monthly quota. Given such directive, after thorough evaluation, the contract of those who failed to meet their quota were pre- ...view middle of the document...

Sales Employee A also alleges the ‘foul’ words being used by the administrator during their weekly meetings. All complains were written by the HR assistant in a paper and was signed by the disgruntled sales employee A.

Complains were brought to the attention of the School Administrator through the Vice President of the School to whom the earlier reports. The vice president discussed the complains and informed the Administrator that the issue was already raised to the President of the school through the HR Manager. The President after hearing the case, instructed the Vice President to talk to the marketing team handled by the School Administrator.

The School Administrator raises the following concerns to the Vice President:
1. The case was raised to the President without giving the Administrator chance to explain.
2. The case is not within the jurisdiction of the Head Office for it is the company’s policy that all branch issues and concerns must first be addressed by the Branch before elevating to the HR Head Office.
3. The HR assistant exercised grave abused of authority for accommodating the Sales Employee A’s complain and directly reported the incident to the HR Manager who in turn brought the case to the President.
4. The School Administrator strongly disagreed to involve the whole sales team by conducting a team meeting...

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