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Ethics In Business Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction: 1
Body one what is ethics: 2
Body two the four views of ethics: 3
Body three the ethical challenges: 5
Body four companies reaction to unethical action: 6
Conclusion: 7
The summary: 8
References and bibliography: 9


Management is an exiting topic to study. It gives people the ability to interact with the recent action around the world. Also it gives people the authority to judge the situation, and make a decision based on their perspective views. In addition, ethics is one of the most anticipate it topics in business and in real life situation. People will start to decide the action whether it is ...view middle of the document...

First dose ethics mean? Ethics has very vague meaning that means every department has their own definition of it; however they all agree in the big picture. The big picture definition is moral principles that govern a person or group's behavior. . Ethics is what people feel is right. This view is different from one to other due to many factors such, social status, culture, and most important religion. For example in Saudi Arabia it is unethical for the women to go out with out covering her hair. On the other hand in Canada they view on the other way and believe its ethical. Another example is also in Saudi culture the women should not pay bills and the rent of the house, but in Canada its ethical for women to share paying the bills with their husbands. In Saudi Arabia it is unethical for the sons or daughters to put their parents when the got old in retirements home or assisted living they have to take care of them. This behavior is normal in Canadian culture, and considered as an ethical behavior. Another example of different view between people about one situation whither it is ethical or unethical is depends on who will gain or lose a profit from it. Soccer is best example to describe this situation. In soccer game, some players try to trick the officials by diving inside the box in order to get a penalty, or cause the other players to get red cards. In this situation the players who dived will argue by saying that he did not break the rules, he just being smart and using the rules to benefit his team as Roberto Martinez, who is a soccer player and manger after, states reveals. “You’re not seen as cheating, you’re seen as doing something that gets something back for the“. However, The other side of players will argue that this considered to be cheating and unethical behavior as Michel Owen, who an English soccer player, reveals “Now, English players are just as guilty of it as overseas players, but I certainly think the foreign influence started the ball rolling.” Finally, It is hard united all people in one believe of what is ethical and what is not. As the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates says, ”people will naturally do what is good provided that they know what is right, and that that evil or bad actions are purely the result of ignorance.”

Body two the four views of ethics:

Second, understanding the concepts of the four views of ethics is very significant to comprehend how ethics connect with business. First, view is the utilitarian view. This view means that any action is ethical if it benefits the great amount of people. This theory believes that any decision should contribute the good from most of the people. The use of torture in the interrogation is an example of utilitarian view. The torture in this case is an ethical behavior because the leaders believe that sacrifice one gay to get important information that would save many innocent people lives. Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq shows how torture were presented as an ethical...

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