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Ethics Game Simulation Essay

746 words - 3 pages

Ethics Game Simulation

MGT 216
November 3, 2010

Ethics Game Simulation
The Ethics Game is a simulation which presents individuals with real world situations in companies, these situations represents possible ethical contradictions for the participant. While working through the simulation tools such as an Ethics Coach, ethics information, and background information is given on the fictitious company. In this paper the writer discuss the ethical issues presented in the simulation and what decision-making steps were taken to ethically address these issues. The writer will also discuss what ethical perspectives or lenses were utilized in the decision making of the simulation and how did ...view middle of the document...

When thinking about all three groups the bottom line of profits or losses to the company also had to come into consideration. In reviewing both cases all the factors had to be weighed individually and collectively so the decision being made would have a positive outcome for the greatest amount of people.
Some of the ethical perspectives or lenses utilized during the simulation where the rights/responsibilities lens and the results lens for the first case. When viewing the issues through these lenses with the individual can lean towards a rational decision to give the consumers information equally and allow them to utilize it independently to suit their needs. On the other hand leaning towards sensibility information is provided individually to meet different needs. The decision made by the writer favored the best part of the results lens. However in the second case using the relationship and the reputation lenses, the decision made fell into the poor spectrum of the reputation lens as the standards of the other countries were honored.
When relating to the workplace concepts such as the decision making process, taking all players into consideration and staying focused on the main issue. When making decisions that will affect the company both employees and customers. Meaning a company...

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