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Ethics Game Dilemmas Essay

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Ethics-Game Dilemmas
Carlos E. Nieves Marfisi
Ethics and Social Responsibility- ETH/316
November 19, 2012
Mary Carter

Individual Organizational Issues – Simulation Reflective Summary
The ethical issues that were presented in the Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. The ethical issues on “The Mysterious Blogger” were whether the information obtained by Jamal Moore, the IT Tech was enough to discipline Aaron Webb, the blogging employee for violating the NDA policy. As for “The Veiled ID”, the ethical issue had to do with how to develop a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and ...view middle of the document...

By taking me time to figure and analyze some ways to try to minimize dilemmas or issues caused by some employee to its organization in which can be handled by the lowest level, it would show the importance of applying ethical practices and ensuring employees are held accountable for their own actions.
These concepts from this simulation can relate to someone’s workplace, especially when being part of a military organization. For instance, a good example would be when dealing with troops who are combat ready and deployable, however look for ways to getting out of a deployment for whatever their reason might be. Unfortunately for them, they are sent overseas anyway and are placed in a hostile combat environment and responsible for the welfare of others. Not let’s assume this service member is placed on a 5-hour duty patrol to man one of four posts where 150 troops are residing in a campsite. Shortly thereafter, that troop is found asleep during his post. The question is what do you do at that given moment? Do you take him off post and charge him for dereliction of duty for placing troops in harm’s way or do you continue to place him on watch as a form of punishment? Let’s assume he falls asleep once again on post and states he just wants to go home and wants to leave the service? What is the next course of action, do you sent him packing back home or do you have him finish his deployment time with the possibility of putting other lives at stack while conducting his duties?
This happened to be a case that we had to analyze and decide as a group of senior enlisted leaders would be the best course of action. Unfortunately this was a true story that we came to find out, the individual...

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