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Ethics Game Essay

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Ethics Game Simulation Worksheet
Student Name: ________________ Facilitator: ______________

Complete the interactive Ethics Game simulation, located on the course page on the University of Phoenix Student Web site for Week Three. You will only be able to go through the simulation only one time, so please use this worksheet to take notes.

The simulation will use the following decision model with the indicated critical decision points. You will want to take notes about your decisions and/or make a copy of the screen when you complete the work to assure that you have the information needed to write your reflection at the end of the simulation.

|Case One: The Case of Fair Warning ...view middle of the document...

Offer to replace tainted | |
| |product or to refund purchase price | |
|Step 3b: |Results Lens |Screens |
|Be Reasonable |-Determine impact on stakeholders |12-17 |
| |-Determine values of stakeholders | |
| |-Determine criteria for happiness | |
| |Which option best fulfills the requirements of this lens? | |
| |Disseminate information broadly about increased risk for specific groups. Offer to replace tainted | |
| |product or to refund purchase price | |
|Step 3: |Which option that best reflects your core values in this situation? |Screen |
|Be Responsible | |19 |
| |Disseminate information broadly about increased risk for specific groups. Offer to replace tainted | |
| |product or to refund purchase price | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|Step 4: |Write a memo that explains your choice and modifies the decision in a way that reflects your core |Screen |
|Be Reflective |values and your notion of the best solution to the problem. |20 |
| |I feel that if the company where to disseminate information broadly and offer to replace the product| |
| |and/or give a refund that would give the public a chance to review the information provided and take| |
| |it upon themselves to either continue using the product or use the options posted in my decision. | |
| | ...

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