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Ethics For Anthropologists And Social Scientists

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Ethics, in Anthropological research, outline what is right and what is wrong in the motives and actual behavior of the anthropologists (Looking at us, 2010 p.46). The well-being of all participants, human or animal, should be the anthropologists top priority. The anthropologist should work toward conservation of all knowledge gained by their research, and their research should be a benefit to all involved. All participants should have a clear understanding of what participating involves, and should have the final say as to remain anonymous or be recognized for their part in the study (Looking at us, 2010 p.46).
Anthropologists and other social scientists have some things to consider especially when conducting research with people. The safety of the participant should be at the top of the list. Next ...view middle of the document...

A code of ethics is important for all social scientists. It is noted that, The Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association, 1998 (AAA code 1998), “does not dictate behavior or include sanctions. It is designed to promote discussion and provide general guidelines for ethically responsible decisions”(Looking at us, 2010 p.46). This means that the social scientist has the responsibility of not becoming ethically compromised by what he or she chooses to research or how he or she conducts that research.
There is no way for a researcher to know every circumstance that might arise. Having a code of ethics can serve as a set of guidelines in cases of the unexpected. A code of ethics can also serve as a reminder as to what is right and what is wrong. The code of ethics can help guide an anthropologist against getting involved in morally questionable projects. It can make sure that credit has been given to all students and assistants in the project. It can guard against any harm to any participant. The code of ethics ensures that other researchers and even the public have access to new findings and that all knowledge is shared that so it can be built upon. Finally, having a code of ethics can assure that the social sciences are taught with the utmost professionalism without any discrimination.
Social scientists work in many different cultures and circumstances. All the related fields are better equipped to deal with ethical and moral issues due to having a written code of ethics. It does not demand that a researcher behave a certain way, it gives some good moral and ethical guidelines to follow.

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