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Ethics Essay

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What is Dumping1
The Case Analysis1-5

What is Dumping?
Dumping is the practice of firms of developed nations exporting goods which have been categorized as dangerous to the health of individuals or which have been barred altogether from domestic markets, The practice is typically undertaken by companies who are clearly motivated by profit (Dumping Made in the USA: Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq...). It usually involves a manufacturer selling the exported goods in the foreign market at below the price of the same goods in the home market (provided they have not been banned in the domestic market) (Delener, 1998).
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Was this behaviour ethical? If we were to question the organisations would they cite the principle of Egoism, which states “an act is morally right if and only if it best promotes an agent’s long term interests” (Shaw, Barry, Issa, & Catley, 2013)? Upon further questioning there is a danger of them classifying it as psychological egoism which contends that ‘people are, as a matter of fact, so constructed that they must behave selfishly’ (Shaw, Barry, Issa, & Catley, 2013), and in fact they would be right as egoism as per (Shaw, Barry, Issa, & Catley, 2013) ‘does not preach that we should never assist others but rather that we have no basic moral duty to do so’. But looking at these arguments would it not be wrong as we know that ethical egoism ignores blatant wrongs, to dump these products and let the children of other countries suffer. Where do I get this reasoning from? I can cite the theory of Utilitarianism which is a ‘moral doctrine that we should always act to produce the greatest possible balance of good over bad for everyone affected by our actions (Shaw, Barry, Issa, & Catley, 2013). It would work for organisations as well as it is clear and straightforward for formulating and testing policies (organisations love policies), it is also an attractive way of resolving conflicts of self-interest, flexible and result oriented. In the same vein I could be criticised as ethicist A.C. Ewig concluded that if the manufacturers were to follow utilitarianism principles it would result in far more cheating, lying and unfair action than any good man would tolerate (Ewig, 1965).
Thus citing the critiques of Utilitarianism manufacturers such as those involved in exporting Wheat and Barley to Iraq which were treated with a US-banned fungicide in 1972 and resulted in deaths of 400 and making 5,000 ill would be emboldened and in fact could gain a supporter in the form of their own governments as the manufacturers of Dalkon Shield did in case of the Office of Population within the US Agency for International Development (AID) which purchased the intrauterine device even after having documented proof that it was an unsafe product. Was the government acting morally within the context of the Utilitarianism principles? Was it right when it said that their motives are humanitarian, because the rate of dying in childbirth is high in developing nations (third world countries) and some device is preferred to having none (Dumping Made in the USA: Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq...). Is it also ethical when countries like the US specifically The State Department which has been the implementing authority states in its policy “No country should establish itself as the arbiter of others’ health and safety standards. Individual governments are generally in the best position to establish standards of public health and safety” (Shaw, Barry, Issa, & Catley, 2013). So which ethically sound or morally justifiable principle is the importing country (its...

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