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Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay

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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Brenda Feeler
Jason Sapir

Ethics Awareness Inventory
Personal ethics in psychology
The American Psychology Association (APA) has set standards for psychologist to

follow while practicing, practicing psychology is a commitment to increase professional

knowledge of behavior and scientific knowledge. Psychologist uses his or her gained knowledge

to assist individuals in understanding themselves and to improve conditions of society,

organizations, and themselves (O’Hanlon, 2006).

Commitment to society to develop choices concerning ...view middle of the document...

Ethical principles and values of concern, integrity, respect, and responsibility can assist

the psychologist with the challenges that may occur during therapy with a client. With the

multitude of different cultures the psychologist may interact with intergrading spiritual beliefs

into therapy is appropriate (Allport, 1950).

Psychologists must maintain his or her ethics and apply them to daily living, respecting

oneself, yet understanding others and respecting his or her spiritual and personal beliefs are

important. Psychologist do not discriminate against any religion, nor are should the psychologist

be biased in opinions. The psychologist must be aware of personal and professional boundaries,

which can easily get confusing with religion and psychology integration (Allport, 1950).

Applying ethics to one’s social life should be a continuum of the ethics followed in his or

her practice, being aware of ethical issues, striving for a solution to resolve the issues, using

critical thinking, and respect (Allport, 1950).

How ethics affect psychological knowledge and principles

Ethics is a set of principles that guides the psychologist in issues concerning right and

wrong, giving, and practical guidance in making decisions without sacrificing others

(APA, 2012).

Ethics are choices make or in some cases fail to make, with ethics an individual can be

influenced to think and act in an ethical way, but no individual can be forced to do so.

Psychologists never know the factors that will influence the outcome of another’s actions

and choices, keeping knowledge at a limit. Principles allow psychologists to make better choices

when in a complex situation. Principles can lead to positive virtues when living by

non-contradictory principles leading to making principled behavior and thoughts a habit

(APA, 2012).

Knowledge within the psychological field deals with cognitive competence, independent

thinking, rationality, and creativity all an important aspect of cognitive competence

Advantages of psychology as degree choice

Dealing with a multitude of individuals with different illnesses can be very challenging to


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