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Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay

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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Michelle Duffield
July 10, 2011
Karlene Kilmer

Ethics Awareness Inventory Paper
The Ethics Awareness Inventory and the results were insightful and fascinating. The inventory appear to be a almost like fortune cookie conjuring. It will be interesting to know whether the determination is empirically valid. The assumption articulates ethical perception and technique. How ethical conduct can evaluate ethical conduct except through measurable results is not easily understood. If the results cannot be accurately measured, then confident objectivity that the fundamental moral construct even exists or is of any penalty to ordinary people.
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I would argue that any exclusion of the third task would negate any mention of the first two. The point of the inventory is to identify the CORE belief structure that underlies our ethical choices. The inventory postulates that this is the first step down the road that culminates in the application of ethical decision making. The questions in the measure composed of a partial statement followed by four completing statements. We are asked to finish each statement with a most liked statement and a least liked statement.
Effect of Ethics in Psychological Knowledge and Principles Related to Personal Growth, Health, and Development.
I scored highest in (R) Results and lowest in (C) Character. I suppose that is because I do not believe that character exists apart from actions that demonstrate character. The inventory makes it clear that I believe that talking the talk is not enough but that walking the walk is also necessary for ethical decision making. I should charge a copyright fee to this inventory. I say that all of the time. The part on my ethical style was right on the button as well. The effectiveness of ethical character in society is measured by the...

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