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Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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Ethics Reflection Paper

Donald Dennis
STR581 / David Geerinck


Ethics and Social Responsibility

While looking back the last 15-20 years (the time where I grew up and most impressionable), ethics has taken an important place in corporate America; and not in a good way. In fact ethics has been the center stage in a variety of companies with serious problem. Companies such as Enron, WorldCom and people such as Bernard Madoff have made a name in history for themselves, as well as to show how to sink an entire company! They are the example of how not to do something!

A company as a whole is outlined by its ...view middle of the document...

This show empathy and how the organization cares for the community.

I’ve been around outsourcing moves and store closings. I’ve seen many things happen to people both good and bad. With the outsourcing decisions, all employees affected were moved to other positions, as well as given substantial amount of money for their troubles.

With the store(s) closings I went through, one company was bought out by a different company. This store was a Union controlled store too. The store brand was never seen again. Not sure what happen to the other employees, as I had another job in process and left before the store actually closed. The second store closing was Kids R Us (Toys R Us). This franchise brand offered jobs at the Toys R Us store once Kids R Us closed. It was an obvious need to keep their responsibility to their employees by offering something of value for the transition; whether that is a guaranteed job elsewhere, or money to live on while a new job can be found.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Commitment & Ethical Planning

These commitments call for much planning in the efforts of the responsibility taken on. Some actions may not be illegal, but they are still considered wrong via society’s

standards. Planning around those commitments is the base for how the company works in the event something may arise; while also being on guard and monitor those actions around you. It is imperative that management and employees not only understand, but believe in the mission and vision statements for the greater good individually and as a whole.

While working for a much respected medical system, there was always the need for confidentiality. It was very important to stress this need to everyone because this situation alone was one of, if not the most important responsibility to our patients. In the event information was breach, human resources and upper administration would then resort to their plan to ensure the protection of its patients.

With my current business, there are times where mistakes happen; therefore we are responsible for taking care of the...

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