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Ethics And Discrimination Essay

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
Mary Mitchell
Patrice Kikuyu

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

The ethnic group, which I belong to, is the Native Cherokee Indian. Cherokee Indians are

the original natives of the United States of America. The group originally colonized along the

Appalachian Mountains. ...view middle of the document...

They knew if the Indians were removed from the

land, money could be made. They would be able to make profit from the gold and selling of


In addition to belonging to the Native Cherokee Indians, I am also a part of the White

Americans. I feel, as a White American, our ethnic group faces discrimination. I have been

subjected to comments in regard to our American history. I am stereotyped as a heartless, racist

who does not deserve what I have. I am appalled by the actions of my ancestors. I do not believe

anyone should be subjected to the types of treatment that given to others, such as slavery.

Also I feel that I should not be treated as though I am a slaveholder myself. I believe that one

day we will all have to look past our history and work together to build a stronger future. I do not

believe that I should not be accepted at a job, which I am more qualified for because the

company has to meet a minority quota. I believe the application process should be color blind,

The most qualified candidate should be offered the job. I believe this is considered reverse

discrimination. In addition, when I was searching for school scholarships, there were many

scholarships that were awarded if you are a part of a minority group but none if you are

Caucasian. I do not believe this is fair. Equality means everyone is given the same opportunities.

Equality should also be given not only to each ethnic group but also both genders. The

glass ceiling refers to the barrier that blocks the promotion of a qualified worker because of


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