Ethics And Credibility In Business Communications

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Ethics and Credibility in Business Communications
Kristen Barnes
March 27, 2016
Randi Barnes-Plante

Ethics and Credibility in Business Communications
Social Media can be an effective form of communication for business to consumer relationships. Not only does it allow the business to keep everyone up to date on the latest developments within the company, but it also allows the consumer to reach out to the business without having to make a phone call. We all lead busy lives, and being placed on hold for thirty minutes, just to have a simple question answered, can be somewhat of an inconvenience. With social media, that inconvenience is replaced with a few clicks of a button.
After visiting Toyota’s Facebook page, the overall presence was mixed, for me. The company made multiple posts throughout the ...view middle of the document...

While I’m not certain what happened from there, they at least made the effort to let the customer know that their complaint was not something to take lightly.
I believe that one way Toyota can approach their complaints in a more effective way, is for them to contact the customer; instead of just referring them to customer service. Chances are, the customer has that number already, and they went to Facebook for a quicker resolution. Facebook has a private message feature, and Toyota could easily send them a personal message, with steps to take. To me, this would feel like more of an effort. Also, the customer would have written documentation, if they ever needed proof of what they were advised.
I’ve never personally owned a Toyota, but I know several people who have, and they have been loyal customers for years. While Toyota had a period of time where they were under the radar, and were making unethical business decisions, I do believe that they have tried to turn that around. If we all look at this objectively, there have been several car companies who have made unethical and poor business choices, yet we still drive their cars. I have a personal experience with Ford.
In 2000, my first care was a Ford Focus. I had several recalls on that car, all of which were different issues, so I wasn’t able to claim “lemon law”. Per, the 2000 Ford Focus has 5662 problems and defects reported by owners, ranging from interior problems, to steering and suspension problems. Personally, my main problem was the engine would die, in the middle of driving. I was also going through brake pads every 2-3 months. Eventually, I had Ford repossess my car, and I purchased a Honda. With all of this being said, I currently drive a Ford Fusion. I believe that every company has had their issues, and over time, they work on those issues to keep their customers coming back.


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