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Ethics Essay

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Mill's Utilitarianism: Sacrifice the innocent for the common good?

When faced with a moral dilemma, utilitarianism identifies the

appropriate considerations, but offers no realistic way to gather the

necessary information to make the required calculations. This lack of

information is a problem both in evaluating the welfare issues and in

evaluating the consequentialist issues which utilitarianism requires be

weighed when making moral decisions. Utilitarianism attempts to solve

both of these difficulties by appealing to experience; however, no

method of reconciling an individual decision with the rules of

experience is suggested, and no relative weights are assigned ...view middle of the document...

The probability also does not hold for Mill's

Mill's Utilitarianism insists on qualitative utilitarianism, which

requires that one consider not only the amount of pain or pleasure, but

also the quality of such pain and pleasure. Mill suggests that to

distinguish between different pains and pleasures we should ask people

who have experienced both types which is more pleasurable or more

painful. This solution does not work for the question of torture

compared to death in an explosion. There is no one who has experienced

both, therefore, there is no one who can be consulted. Even if we agree that the pain caused by the number of deaths in the

explosion is greater than the pain of the terrorist being tortured, this

assessment only accounts for the welfare half of the utilitarian's

considerations. Furthermore, one has no way to measure how much more

pain is caused by allowing the bomb to explode than by torturing the

terrorist. After settling the issues surrounding the welfare, a utilitarian must

also consider the consequences of an action. In weighing the

consequences, there are two important considerations. The first, which

is especially important to objectivist Utilitarianism, is which people

will be killed. The second is the precedent which will be set by the

action. Unfortunately for the decision maker, the information necessary

to make either of these calculations is unavailable.

There is no way to determine which people will be killed and weigh

whether their deaths would be good for society. Utilitarianism requires

that one compare the good that the people would do for society with the

harm they would do society if they were not killed. For example, if a

young Adolf Hitler were in the building, it might do more good for

society to allow the building to explode. Unfortunately for an

individual attempting to use utilitarianism to make for decisions, there

is no way to know beforehand what a person will do. Furthermore, without

even knowing which building the bomb is in, there is no way to predict

which people will surely be in the building.

A subjectivist utilitarian would dismiss this consideration and would

examine only what a rational person would consider to be the

consequence; however, even the subjectivist utilitarian must face the

question of precedent setting. Utilitarianism considers justice and

humane treatment to be good for society as a whole and therefore

instrumentally good as a means to promoting happiness.

Utilitarianism considers precedent to be important, but does not offer

any method of determining exceptions. It is impossible to determine how

much effect on precedent any given isolated action will have. In the

case of determining whether or not to torture the terrorist, one must

consider whether it is good for society to allow torture to be used as a

method of gaining information. If it is bad, one...

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