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Module 1
Case Assignment
DR. Steven Gold

I absolutely agree with the firing of Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher. Everyday we are all forced to make ethical decisions. Regardless if it is at home or in our workplaces, we must all make ethical decisions regardless of personal gain or loss. Correct ethical decisions must be made from the top of the management chain to lowest ranking member to ensure productivity and good moral standards at all times.
The Boeing Company has been the center of attention for the past several years, involved in several ethical related scandals leading to the ...view middle of the document...

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango and I do not agree with the board of directors letting the female executive continue to keep her job. As a CEO and a company executive both were in the wrong and both should be equally punished. If it was not for an anonymous letter, the details of the affair would have never been made public and the affair would have continued to go on.
Just recently a similar scandal between an officer and a junior sailor was revealed aboard a naval aircraft carrier. During a scheduled deployment the officer, the junior sailor’s department head began a consensual affair that lead to the junior sailor becoming pregnant. There is no telling how long the actual relationship had been going on, but once the junior sailor became pregnant, and the officer did not want to claim the child, sexual harassment charges were filed. Both sailors were discharged from the military, forfeiting all benefits and entitlements.
What drives not only corporate leaders, but supervisors alike to commit adultery and make wrong ethical decisions? Psychologists say that once people have reached the pinnacle of their positions, they fail to be able to redirect the same drive and initiative that they used to get there properly.
But I for one do not believe...

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