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Ethical View Of Artificial Intelligence In Robots

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As the world rapidly moves to technological dependency and ICT has become an integral part of most of our daily lives, we are now seeing and experiencing all the inventions that we thought would only exist in cartoons. We have robot pets that have been mass produced, robots that can play table tennis, onboard GPS navigation devices for our cars and we even have cars that can convert to boats but as we have seen in the past, great inventions can be used in a destructive way or have ill-effects. This essay will describe some problems associated with AI and robots and describe some ethical issues associated with the use of this technology.
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Artificial intelligence has had breakthroughs and many inventions that have made life easier such as the iRobot Roomba which automatically vacuums your room but unfortunately this technology has been stigmatized due to the destruction it has done in the past and is still doing today. One destructive artificial intelligence machine is the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and this has been used since 2006 in the Afghan war. Although this machine keeps troops safe because it gives the army the option of not sending its troops into heavily guarded territories and still causing extreme damage to the enemy, much of this damage affects everyone in the area and not just the targeted terrorists. Many lives have been affected by these attacks such as the innocent families of those killed by the attacks and the innocent civilians who died as a result of the US army’s negligence. BBC interviewed Professor Sharkey and he estimated that “between January 2006 and April 2009, 60 such "drone" attacks were carried out in Pakistan. While 14 al-Qaeda were killed, some 687 civilian death” (Palmer). When the US uses such brash and incompetent methods of fighting terrorists the consequences are immense because it results in innocent people dying, families being destroyed in the wake of their family members being murdered and it also leaves the country in shambles because of the state it is left in when the war ends.
I think the key ethical issue surrounding artificial intelligence is if we want to develop artificial intelligence that work in factories when there are myriads of people that are unemployed. Although there are no laws constraining businesses from initializing automated machines in their factories and there would be more people benefitting from the products produced by the machines then being detrimentally affected, corporations should look past the dollar and see how this will play out in the long run. If we look back in history we can see that increases in the unemployment rate are almost linear to increases in crime e.g. the Great Depression of the 1920’s and the Recession of the 1980’s. So with there being a linear connection...

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