Ethical Uses Of Technology Essay

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Sharon Palumbo
EDU 225 Instructional Technology

Ethical Uses of Technology in the Classroom
The internet has become a useful tool for gathering information and teaching students, but with all technology there are safety precautions that we must set-up to teach our children how to be safe. It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to inform students about internet safety. “Keeping students safe while online cannot be left to filters and firewalls placed on the network …these filters do not catch everything” (Andrew, 2009) Since the internet is relatively new technology many students are “far ahead of their parents in terms of Internet usage” and many parents ...view middle of the document...

Often these breaches occur simply because the student is unaware of policies that may be in place (Gearhart, 2005). It is therefore essential to have a policy in place and educate the students of its terms and conditions. In my classroom I plan to institute this information in a webQuest to inform the student of the classroom and school policies along with an agreement form that is to be signed indicating that they are aware of the policies and understand them. This policy will include:
* “Attempting to hack into another computer
* Using the institutions resources for personal gain
* Sending threatening, obscene of harassing messages
* Posting confidential material outside the institution
* Reposting messages without permission
* Disruption or interference of network activities, including the distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer viruses or worms” (Gearhart, 2005)
Another important aspect that a student needs to be made aware of is software ethics. This is another area in which unethical practices are merely the result of ignorance to the legalities of software use. The students should be conscious of software license and limited warranty agreements as well as terms such as: copyright protection, copyright, ethics, freeware, legal, license, piracy, public domain software, shareware, and shoplifting (pertaining to software) (Gearhart, 2005). Education is the key in protecting students from the ramifications of unethical software use that can result in fines, penalties and possible...

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