Ethical Systems And Reaction To John Q The Movie

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I was torn apart on what to feel throughout the movie although overall, I was touched by the father’s love for his son and his willingness to do anything to save him. I learned in this movie that we are affected by so many factors, may it be consciously or unconsciously into doing things that we do. John Quincy Archibald, or more well known as John Q. throughout the movie was in a case of bad timing in his life. He saw his son, Michael, collapse in a baseball game due to an enlarged heart. Because of that, Michael needed a donor and an immediate surgery to survive, which will cost a lot of money. Simultaneously, this was also the time where John Q. was dropped by his ...view middle of the document...

John in this part offers his own heart for the salvation of his son as he sees that no donor is available for Michael. The surgeon refuses but eventually surrenders to agree as John threatens the surgeon that it would be much better that one of them only die than both of them, as John would still shoot himself in the head even if the surgeon would not use his heart for Michael. John now decides to shoot himself in the head for the organ donation. He pulls the trigger and hears it go off but a bullet did not go off as the safety was on. His wife at the same time while these sets of scenes were happening receives good news that a donor is finally available for Michael and rushes to the hospital to inform John. After that, John releases all hostages where one of them fakes as John who is arrested and turned in when in reality John remains in the hospital with his wife, spectating the operation of Michael. The hostage negotiator sees John and takes him in custody as the operation is finished. John Quincy Archibald is trialed with attempted murder, armed criminal action and kidnapping. He is acquitted for the first two charges but is found guilty for kidnapping and will be sentenced to jail. It was never revealed how long his sentence will be but his lawyer overheard...

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