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Ethical Standards In Correctional Facilities Essay

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What is Ethics?
Ethics refers to a system of moral standards that guide the decision for human conduct of what is right and wrong based on everyday life situations, usually in terms rights, obligations, benefits, fairness, or virtue. Ethics is used as a formal guideline for conducting business in order to minimize pain to the greater number of people as a whole. The principles of ethics come from the knowledge and understanding of the word of God, the Bible. It tells us how we ought to think and behave toward one another considering first, how we want to be treated. For instance, we have the right to freedom of speech as long as we don’t insult the integrity of others. In addition, God ...view middle of the document...

Ethics in Authority
A Corrections Officer has many duties to consider as they manage the activities of inmates. They are charged with the responsibilities of conducting head counts, monitoring recreational activities, and supervising their work assignments while maintaining a safe environment ensuring the welfare of those who are incarcerated in the correctional facility and employed there, as well as protect the safety of the public communities. They are investigators trained to search for illegal or prohibited goods smuggled into the institution, respond to riots, transport inmates and write reports. Although the job of an officer is challenging still the manner in which they ought to interact with the inmates should exemplify a standard of discipline that displays ethical professionalism, and respect at all times.
The unique challenge of working directly with criminal offenders is recognizing their acts of deception to manipulate who will engage in forms of misconduct and deviate from the rules for fulfillment of basic needs. Unfortunately, inmates do not apply ethics when deciding their course of actions to commit a crime. Although the lifestyle and actions of the inmates poses a constant threat to the safety of the institution, officers are always expected to control their emotions, remain impersonal and enforce rules in spite of the many trials and tough work environment they encounter. In the role as supervisor officers are often found in a position where critical thinking has to be applied in order to make a moral judgment about the best way to quickly resolve a problem. In doing so, they have a moral obligation to the community to refrain from any misconduct that would compromise the integrity of their actions, when performing their duties. Clearly, a moral judgment ought to be made with distinction between right and wrong. Therefore, one should act in the manner they expect others to act.

Universality of Rules
The universalizability deals with the idea that if actions of a person are morally acceptable based on the circumstances of the situation then that action ought to become one that everyone could follow in similar...

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