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Ethical Self Assessment Essay

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INDIVIDUAL Paper - Ethical Self-Assessment
HCS 545/ Health Law and Ethics

This paper will explain the code of ethics that the majority of professional organizations implement to providing their organizations with a system to guide them in the achievement of their job obligations, in circumstances that might be otherwise ethically wrong. Self-Assessment and The Ethics of codes Self Assessment can truly assist and label those areas that are based on strong ethical ground; areas that you may wish to consider examine the basis and opportunities for further reflection.

Decision making from Self-Assessment

When taking the Self Assessment on the ACHE website I learned a few ...view middle of the document...

These relationships include colleagues, patients or others served; members of the healthcare executive’s organization and other organizations; the community; and society as a whole” ( The Code of Ethics also incorporates standards of ethical behavior governing individual behavior, particularly when that conduct directly relates to the role and identity of the healthcare executive.
My ethical decision-making and Influences

After taking the full Self Assessment I realize some of those statement are given during job personally assessment. Common areas of Leadership, How well you work with others, and Self task management and Time management statement. Mainly the Self-Assessment from only describes ethics of code of conduct of professional ethics vs. personal ethics. There many ethical decision that we make every day when working with co workers, clients, and patients. When it comes to my ethical decision making there a statement made by Morrison, “The focus of an ethical decision is not on the individual person, but on the best Outcomes for all persons” (Morrison, E. p. 11). After recently reading the statement I slowly begin to understand what is a team decision-making. The team should always be a priority in ethical decision-making because one individual could slip up and make a bad decision that will definitely hurt the entire team. In the work place or even outside of it when in a team setting you must put others first and represent the entire team as you would want them to act on your behalf. In there are strategies that can help assess my decision-making:
* Step One: Clarify the Ethical Conflict
* Step Two: Identify All of the Affected Stakeholders and Their Values
* Step Three: Understand the Circumstances Surrounding the Ethical Conflict
* Step Four: Identify the Ethical Perspectives Relevant to the Conflict
* Step Five: Identify Different Options for...

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