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Ethical Paper

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There is a famous Korean saying that “Scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. It means that relationship with people is one of important things to do in Korea. Korea is very relationship-oriental. I lived 18 years in Korea and 6 years in the U.S. I believe that my experiences in both eastern and western cultures created a unique personal value system.
This story is when I was in the army back in Korea. It was ordinary hot summer day in middle of June in 2008, a private, Nam-Il Kim, deserted from barrack in my company. Before that one of officers died in beginning of June because of car accident while having the mobilization of police. So we were having investigation from Korea ...view middle of the document...

The soldiers’ family and soldiers are also stakeholders because control by same rules, there should not be any favor to certain people. The media is also stakeholder, they have right to express wrong doing things from society. The army judges, Kim had to have trial for being against law which he was not against with serious problem.
Private Kim did not hurt anyone, and family had serious emergency. He was the only child and the family was very poor. His mother needed someone to take care of her. I made promise-keeping to my boss, and I had to be honest, fair and just to my units. He was one of my good fellows and we were serving in the same platoon. I knew his background. If I overlooked his fault then same incident would possibly happen again in the future by another soldier. There was possibility of my units being in a commotion. I needed to bring him back and set an example of deserter to tighten discipline.
I decided to bring him to company and report to my boss. I made a suggestion to my boss that currently our company is in chaos from the incident and we have investigators in the company. After confirming his mother’s medical status we decided to give Kim for 10 days of special drill and we advanced his holidays. If he had to go on a trial, he would not have vacation for half of year. I knew lots of army laws because I was chief accountant in the company.
I had duties to follow the rules, and orders from my officers. If he was my coworker from work place, then I would have let him go. But rules are rules especially in army. My value is also being as honest and fair as possible to everyone.
I had to treat my comrades fairly. However I gave a recommendation to my officers and explained his situation. Instead of sending him to trials, my boss decided to give him a special drill with 12 hours per drill. As a result the company being fairness to everyone else, and gave him weak penalty. We decided make official document and provided it to every single units about the rule on vacation, family emergency situation, and what will the company willing to help units. It was a small society with different rules compared to society in real world.
If people behave like Private Kim, it will not be acceptable because this document is warning for individual units, and the officers were willing to help. We did not have same Kant which application accepts same as Private Kim.
My intention was to persuade my comrades, he knew that he did something wrong. First of all he did not try to run away from us. I knew that having good conversation could change his mind and bring him back to company. My motivation was bringing him back to platoon with nobody gets hurt, safety was my first priority. Among the qualities critical for managerial success are leadership, self-confidence, motivation, decisiveness, flexibility, sound business judgment, and determination. My motivation is showing great leadership to my units and following my boss’s order.

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