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Ethical Organization Profile Essay

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Ethical Organization Profile
Jennifer Cash, Jennifer Knight,
Raul Ramirez, Consuelo Patterson
MGT 216
September 13, 2010
Ronnie Ford

Ethical Organization Profile
The organization that is being discussed is a public relations firm, named Ramirez, Patterson, Knight, & Cash. The PR firm’s basic clientele are members of the entertainment industry (i.e., musicians, actors, actresses). The firm is built on strong moral values, as well as a strictly defined code of conduct. There is a great deal of internal focus on the training, monitoring, and enforcing of the companies policies and procedures, including but not limited to the code of ethics and the companies moral ...view middle of the document...

The topics that are included in the code of ethics are advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness. The firm uses the code of conduct to help train new employees, it is posted in general areas such as the employee break-room, staffing rooms, conference rooms all have posters with each individual topic posted on it. As individuals, we may have unwarranted assumptions about the way we make choices; for example, that we weigh up all the evidence before making a reasoned judgment, and are impassive, or at least aware of our own prejudices and biases(Morrell, 2004, p.240). The code of conduct is used to help maintain the moral in the company providing guidelines as to what are acceptable behaviors and what is expected from the employees. The code is reinforced by providing rewards such as promotions for those who follow wholeheartedly, The code is also used in decision-making systems, the firm uses the code as almost a checklist as to what is the ultimate impact that each choice is going to have on the client, the company and society as a whole.
The focus on training is to maintain ethics, morality, and social issues within the work environment. Ethics is making a business decision that will benefit the company. Morality is the phase in which one conducts himself or herself in a manner that distinguishes from right and wrong. Social issues are the behavior techniques in which one represents the company away from work hours. Socializing with peers outside the work environment is not recommended, but as long as the company’s name does not have the opportunity to be tarnished then no discipline will be required. Emphasize to recruits and new employees about ethics are his or her behavioral actions make a big statement on his or her character. There are many characteristics that define our beliefs; i.e. who we are. At Ramirez, Patterson, Knight, and Cash we focus on honesty, positive attitude, diversity, teamwork, and bravery. Along with these characteristics, we also value attendance, productivity, appearance, and grooming (HR World Performance, n.d.).
Members of management are to lead by example to all employees. The current employees are leaders even though not in a managerial role. At times, a new employee will see a current employee before a member of management. All employees are to be on time, be productive, and dress in a professional manner. Working your schedule shift, own the responsibility of your work load and dressing in business casual attire; eliminates hostility with coworkers. Any violations will be documented in his or her employee file.
The management team will attend a company sponsored ethical training class once a year. This is to maintain the good ethical habits and introduce new procedures. The ethical training for lower level employees will include a company sponsored class as well; however a renewal of procedures will be every three years. This is to maintain the good ethical habits and...

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