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Ethical Lens Reflection Essay

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Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection
Colleen VanWagner
Sheila K. Smith

The Ethical Lens Inventory results were very clear and right to the point. It showed my core and classical values. My personal key phrase. Along with what my blind spot, the risk, the temptation, my vice, crisis and the need to see clearly. It showed me the results on what my definition of ethical behavior is, tools for analyzing problems, and the gift of self-knowledge and free will.
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I risk being autocratic. I like things to be done my way only, which is very true. Temptation plays a part of me sometimes where I think the rules do not apply to me therefore becoming judgmental and greedy. This can lead me to the feeling of failure and/or becoming exhausted. But overall I try to see clearly for different individuals, I have to think of everyone else and not just myself. It is like thinking out side of the box. I believe that my ethical lens, seeing it in black and white, will help with my academic behavior. I will try to be open-minded as well as think of others input and how they do things differently than myself. Making me become a better student, and a better critical thinker when it comes to certain topics we as a class are discussing. To see other students points of view as well as my own.
The results from my Career Plan Building Activity: Aptitude showed that my strongest points were values, cooperating, writing and goal focus. It also showed that I needed to improve following instructions and delivering results.
I uphold values very much, myself. I like to encourage individual responsibility and encourage organization, to individuals and a team. This will help me with my taking...

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