Ethical Issues In Management Essay

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Ethical Issues in Management
Jaceson Bradford
MGT 216
May 3, 2010
Bill Link


In today’s workplace it is important to understand how making an accurate hiring decision can affect the organization. With jobs becoming increasingly difficult to arrive at because of the economy, applicants for employment are willing to misrepresent their credentials in the application process. Managers are faced with ethical and legal aspects of hiring along with social issues that make ethically responsible management practices increasingly important.
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Most of these transactions come from dealing with employees, customers, suppliers, peers, superiors, and stakeholders. These transactions are identified because managers believe that a moral standard is recognized in a personal moral situation, and that they have the power to affect what is going on. Much of managerial decision making is concerned with the roles of the organization in society, but in the course of there every day work, managers think about morals and ways in which they can make accurate decisions about them (Waters, Bird, & Chant, 1986).

Social Issues and Ethically Responsible Management Practices

Managers that practice good business ethics usually define this term as being social. This means that the decisions managers make can affect employees, associates, and society. Therefore, abilities and inabilities of managers to prevent ethical violations from becoming costly to an organization start with good hiring practices. While many experts believe it is the responsibility of managers to focus exclusively on the needs of the shareholders, being socially and ethically responsible in the hiring process, results in a more profitable business. But, social issues have become more obvious to managers with the use of Facebook, MySpace, and other types of blogs of potential employees or applicants in the hiring process. These social issues and managerial ethics may cross into legal ramifications. Would this be considered an ethically responsible management practice? With managers attempting to find a more socially cultural fit of an applicant to the organization, it would be just like drug testing or even a background check. A manager could legally decide not to hire a person based on information gathered from these sights, as long as they don’t violate federal and state laws of using social networking sites in making their hiring decisions. It has become evident through personal experience that the relationship between social issues such as communication openly on the internet is an important practice of managers to look into when hiring the right person for the job. They have every right to make sure that there hiring practices are not based on basic interviewing techniques alone.

Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace

An ethical dilemma related to hiring in my place of business would have to deal with the physical that all employees must take before being hired by my company. When I look around the organization I have to wonder whether legal aspects come into play in a male dominated organization. It is obvious that the physical that must be...

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