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Ethical and Moral in the Workplace |
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There are many things in todays world that are hard to deal with both morally and ethically, I think one of those things is when as a leader you must execute performance evaluations on your select team. I know that as a leader or manger a do not like to perform these checks. The reason is because many issues arise. A few for example are is what the employee doing something morally wrong on my part, but not nessasarily wrong to do in society or in general. I will give you a great example, if I have an employee named Joe and I know that Joe smokes outside of work ...view middle of the document...

Friends just basically go on she’s my friend so I’m not going to give her a bad evaluation. If I was in that predicament I would not lie and risk my own job, but I would feel real bad having to tell a friend hey you are kind of slow. I know that I should not worry about that, but I do because I’m a heart person and I don’t like to put people down. I think a lot of the times things happen like this in today’s business world because people don’t make the business decision they make the personal decision. I think one other issue with evaluations is are they always fair or are some people overlooked because of status or popularity. I see all the time the person who works harder but is not necessarily the most popular will get the boot first but the popular kid who may not work as hard as the other kid will get to stay. That is a moral issue that really hits home because I feel sometimes that I just get overlooked in everything and that’s why I haven’t gotten the positions I wanted. Those are the main ethical and moral issues in today’s society that have to deal with Performance evaluations. I think that we as American need to realize that the work place is no room for social time. Now days we have more and more issues with the social realm coming into effect more than ever. The way we do things now is if you are more popular with the management team then you are going to be quickly promoted. We have so many potential good people walk in and out of stores that could be great but are not given a chance because they don’t fit the part. I will give you an example for instance at my job which is a fast food place we tend to overlook a lot of applications because they don’t fit the so called prototype. Some of our best employees are just average Joes with great qualities that shine when given the chance. I was not the most popular in school and I’m still not the social butterfly of my job but I do feel that I do my...

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