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Ethical Institution Vs. Unethical Institution In Contest Of Bangladesh

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Business ethics is one of the most debated topics in recent time. Ethics is all about doing the right things while keeping intact the moral values. When it comes to business ethics few companies follow the ethics keeping social values and few don’t. Business is not only about making profit but it also about keeping and maintaining social responsibility. Some institution or organization only thinks about their profit maximization or wealth maximization. However when it comes to make profit few business doesn’t bother about the ethics. As a result the lack of business ethics in the market is the reason the world economy is presently in crisis. If an organization practice ethical behavior that ...view middle of the document...

• Manipulating people emotionally by exploiting their vulnerabilities.
• Greed to amass excessive profit.
• Creation of false documents to show increased profits.
• Avoiding penalty or compensation for unlawful act.
• Lack of transparency and resistance to investigation.
• Harming the environment by exceeding the government prescribed norms for pollution.
• Invasion of privacy used as leverage, for obtaining personal or professional gains.
• Sexual discrimination

Ethical Institution: Dutch Bangla Bank

If we see in Bangladesh the most profitable business is now banking sector. Among them Dutch Bangla Bank gives a lot of facility to the people of the country not for their profit but to help the students who does not have the financial ability to study. They give a portion of their profit (102 crore) for the welfare of the society. If we compare them with the other banks they give more financial aid than any other banks does. As a result who need financial aid can rely on them. Otherwise these students couldn’t have pursue their studies. They took this social responsibility on their own for the well being of the society. They also spend money to develop sports and athletics, music and entertainment, science, hygiene, and for keep clean and pollution free environment. Above all a society based on morality and ethics make all our lives worth living. By doing these they are raising their brand name for which people will get more attracted towards them. So in the long run they are going to be the one who will be profited for...

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