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Ethical Employees Essay

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Running head: Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees

Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees
Lester Heard, Jr.
Kaplan University
AB203: Human Resources Management
Professor Jim Morgan

Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees

Business ethics is one of the key instruments demonstrated by positive mentoring and developing employees in companies today. It has been defined that business ethics or ethical behavior is illustrated by high standards and is characterized by demonstrating honesty, fairness and fair play in professional, academic and professional relationships. It is also identified that ethical behaviors are the essential layouts of dignity, diversity and even ...view middle of the document...

Her name was Mary Louise, but she went by M.L. Nobody outside the bank knew from her name that she was a woman. She was tough. She was really influential on me, partly because she had done so well in an environment not really geared to women. She had spunk and tenacity. We would go out—I don’t do this anymore—but we would go out drinking scotch on the rocks. I was just keeping up with her. Even then, I knew I was going to have ups and downs and it was important to have the kind of tenacity that she had.” (Wilbert, 2007)

It is definitely important and essential that individuals in executive position become great and influential mentors of junior employees. At my place of employment there is a motto sign in my Director’s office that says “‘Leading with Integrity’: ethical leadership- a fundamental principle of integrity and good governance.” It took me forever to understand that and now I get it. It’s the achievement of effective leadership and the objectives of good governance and ethical behavior. This is a great key point in the success of the company, senior executive and the junior member who is learning day in and day out the imperative focus of ethical behavior for a business. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009)

Well can someone of higher power like a CFO place higher priority on ethical behavior and assist me to meet higher ethical standards? I will have to say yes. Reason is because the very most important thing anyone must remember is that at all times it is the duty for both of us to serve the best interest of our company. I don’t see anything wrong with illustrating a high standard of professional integrity, truthfulness in any financial activities including documents, statements and etc…. in order to build and inspire a certain level of trust with senior executives like the CFO and myself.

I found and read the following that interest me:
“Today's standard of leadership--influencing human behavior in an environment of uncertainty--is dauntingly difficult to teach. Ronald Heifetz, a professor at Harvard's Kennedy school of government, argues that instead of telling people what to do, real leaders focus on helping people find their own way through "adaptive challenges"--problems without readily apparent solutions. Jim Collins, author of Built to Last, reports that companies that succeed long term stick passionately to a set of values and create systems that get employees to act in accord with those values. Says he: "Companies that take an architectural approach, putting in mechanisms to produce the right kind of behavior, don't need to look outside for leaders." (Stratford, 1995)

I feel as though the HR department could do a lot to assist developing financial executives who are ethical leaders and mentors by working effectively with each other towards impactful changes for the better for the organization. I also believe HR could maintain a type of focus on what’s important rather than what is urgent. I mean being...

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