Ethical Dilemma Paper

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Ethical Dilemma Paper
Ronda Brininstool
November 4, 2013

Ethical dilemma is what these parents are facing when it comes to their 10 year old daughter Sarah Murnaghan. Sarah is in the end stages of her fight with cystic fibrosis at the Children’s hospital of Philadelphia. Doctors are saying her only way of being able to survive is with a lung transplant from another human. Since children’s lung transplants are in far and few between the only hope she has is to get an adult lung transplant and there are laws in place to stop that from happening. Without this transplant from an adult which is easier to come by then a child Sarah only have a few weeks to live.
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After the parents waged a battle to temporarily change the policy so that Sarah could receive an adult lung transplant, Sarah was so close to death before she received her two double lung transplant.
The test show that Sarah is not rejecting the lungs at all and that she is actually doing well and has been taking off oxygen. Sarah is on the road to recovery and has several plans to live a young girl’s life and do all the girlie things that girls her age do. Even though the lungs are doing great and she is getting stronger she still has to relearn how to walk. Sarah is a fighter that is for sure and everyone that has met her and has helped her gain her life back can see that she is up for whatever challenge may come her way.
The alternative courses of action could have been that lawmakers stuck with the policy that children could not receive an adult lung. They could have stated that it would not be safe for a child and that there could be major problems to the child. It could also be said that it would be taking away from another adult and what makes a child more important than an adult when it...

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