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Thank you for being willing to take part in this interview exploring ethical conflict or turbulence. I would like to transcribe the content of this interview to form a written document to be submitted to Sheffield Hallam University as a piece of assessed piece of coursework. It is important that you only take part in this interview if you want to. As such I would be delighted if you would complete and sign this confidentiality questionnaire prior to the interview taking place.

(i) In general terms are you willing to take part in this interview: and an edited transcript of the interview submitted to Sheffield Hallam?
(ii) Are you happy for your own name to be used ...view middle of the document...

Where do you work?
Sami: Mouchel.
Kian: What do you do exactly?
Sami: Senior financial director … well, temporarily.
Kian: How long have you worked there?
Sami: 3 and half years I think. was working voluntarily before that, ya know just to get some experience.
Kian: Just wondering, what did you study in uni?
Sami: I studies to become a teacher and when I did, it turned out I hated it! So I studied accountancy at home for a year and half.
Kian: So you used to be teacher?
Sami: yep, taught secondary school for couple of years.
Kian: How old are you by the way? Just out of curiosity.
Sami: 18, but my birth certificate says 38.
Kian: Haha. Anyway, ever heard of an ethical dilemma?
Sami: Ethical what now!?
Kian: um ethical dilemma is basically a conflict between your personal values and professional views. Like, have you ever been asked to do something, you’re uncomfortable doing or maybe something illegal?
Sami: Ohhhh yeaaaah okay.
Kian: So have you ever experienced an ethical dilemma at any point during your career?
Sami: Erm, let me think … yeah, think so. There’s been a few.
Kian: so yeah, can you please tell me about these dilemmas?
Sami: Well, when I first started working there, I used to a bit of everything really, record transactions, a bit of budgeting or even photocopying stuff every now and then.
Kian: Haha .. really?!
Sami: Yes! Ha .. anyway, it was my son’s birthday so we’d all gone out for a meal to this fancy restaurant and I remembered seeing my boss there, having a meal with his wife. But I don’t think he saw us and they left like half an hour after us. The next day when I saw him at work and he didn’t say anything so I figured he didn’t see us either and I didn’t mention anything too.
Kian: Why not?
Sami: No reason, didn’t see the point of it.
Kian: Are you and your boss close? As in, would you say you are friends?
Sami: Oh nah, wouldn’t say friends like that. But it’s not like we never talk at work either. Why?
Kian: Just wanted to know what your relationship is like with your boss.
Sami: ooh, Okay I see.
Kian: ha carry on.
Sami: oh yeah ... um where was I?
Kian: You saw your boss the next day but you didn’t mention anything.
Sami: Yeah. Then couple weeks after when it’s the end of the month, comes to me telling me that he took a client out for a meal a few weeks ago. He hands me this receipt and tells me to add it to the accounts so the company can pay for it.
Kian: and what so wrong about that?
Sami: well at first I didn’t notice anything.
Kian: What do you mean?
Sami: Well, when I was about make the entries, I noticed that the date was the same day as my son’s birthday. And then I remembered that on that day, he was with he was with his wife and not a client.
Kian: Are you sure!? I mean, had you seen his wife before then? Are you sure it wasn’t a client he was with?
Sami: Yes, positive. Beccuase I had see her before in couple of the office parties I’ve been to. And...

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