Ethical Dilema At North Lake Essay

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September 1, 2012

SYNOPSIS: Jim McIntosh is a vice president at Amalgamated Forest Products. Amalgamated Forest Products is a pulp and paper company located in the Northern Province on the river. The company is a major source for the local economy; many people depend on the company for their income.
Frank is a manager of corporate reporting who reports directly to Jim McIntosh. Frank is a longtime employee of Amalgamated Forest Products and was raised up in the system. Frank’s history is long one with the company that dates back to his father, whom worked at the plant before he did and started after High School just as Frank did. Frank ...view middle of the document...

Now they find themselves in a debacle with the President and CEO of the company Jean Letourneau, whom doesn’t seem too happy with Frank’s decision either. What Frank doesn’t understand is that the numbers weren’t generated to undermine the company, they were intended to show the dramatic effects on the company if they were to implement these pollution control measures which included the building of a lagoon to filter out the pollutants.
Jean Letourneau attempts to damper the situation, he then tries to reassure Frank of the confidence that the company has in him. Case in point to even more solidify the situation Jean expresses his concerns and lets Frank know that Jim has been considering Frank for a V.P. Controller, and states that an issue like this could jeopardize the whole consideration. In conclusion Jean sends Frank home assuring him to relax and take into consideration all things with a clear train of thought.
Finding of Fact #1: Amalgamated Forest Products is company located in the Upper Peninsula of the province with a rich culture of hiring local workers. The company as a whole is broke down into various sections which is conducive to a more structured or rigid chain of command. Each section has a manager and all subordinates in that section report to the manager. Each manager is in charge of his or her section and all responsibilities there in lie on the shoulders of the manager.
Frank is the manager of the corporate reporting, which would indicate that all reports should be vetted through him prior to being submitted up the chain of command. In the findings it shows that the report was going to be submitted without the knowledge of Frank. Frank, being the manager of corporate reporting took it upon himself to review the numbers without the approval of his Vice President, whom is the first person he should report to. Frank found that the numbers were not reflected upon the actual cost that it would require to implement a safe and efficient system to mediate pollutants being released into the local river system. Frank found that the numbers were astronomically increased as compared to his initial assessment.
Recommendation #1: Amalgamated Forest Products seems to have a rigid structure for their employees, which includes management broken down into different sections to be in control of that section. In order for a rigid structure to work, the employees must be able to adequately do their jobs that were laid before them in their job description. Frank is in charge of corporate reporting, therefore this report which wasn’t vetted through Frank, was being pushed up to Jim the Vice President.
Goals are a good thing for any company to have and actually are a must. However, it seems these goals were not meeting the ethical expectation of the corporate reporting manger, Frank. If there were issues with the goals, or questions in the numbers that were being reported then a meeting should have been conducted prior to the report...

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