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Ethical Decision Essay

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In the case study, Moira is actually found in a critical situation in his workplace. The situation seems more critical as Moira prides herself on being an honest person. She is willing to be dependable even if it requires to do hard work. It is difficult for her to work in a place where her colleagues are in a condition beyond her expectation.

She found there ethical violations by employees that go against her types. These are employee theft, wasted time and misuse of technology (Goree, 2007, p. 187). Employee theft is first of them. She found the employees taking almost twice time than they get as break. Again she found that the employees are using the ...view middle of the document...

In lieu of joining the employees she can also remain his dignity up by not doing the same things that her colleagues do. She can keep silent about the illegal works that her colleagues do. In this case at least she can keep her mind quite by saying that she is not participating in something which is wrong. But I would like to say that the problem is not solved yet by doing so. She should do something which will make her completely satisfied. How full satisfaction be achieved, this is the question now.

There is another thing that she can do. She may build a good relationship with the employees as far as possible. Then bringing the facts in front of them that what they are doing is not the right thing to do. She can discuss the character traits of an excellent employee. Honesty, integrity, industriousness, respect to others, loyalty these are the character traits that she can discuss (Goree, 2007, p. 190). She can use her as an example as she is not doing those illegal things. She can inspire them to be conscious about the facts. It may make them a little conscious. If this works then I would like to recognize this one as a good solution of the problem. But it is a matter of fact of...

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